22 October, 2010

Healthy recipe for your baby

About a week ago, I have tried new recipe for my lil one and also for us. And today I will share it with you 2 recipe for baby

Colourful yet nutritious

Potato salad
White potato
Green peas (couldn't find the fresh one, so I'm using frozen peas)
Unsalted butter

1. Clean, cut and wash the ingredients
2. Steam it
3. Mix it in a bowl
4. Add unsalted butter
5. Cool it a bit. Blend it..done...
6. For leftover, I make it as stock for a week

There is no specific amount....sume agak2. Unsalted butter is for to taste (lgpun KK sibuk kata puan masak untk anak jgn lupa buh sikit minyak, nanti takut baby xgemuk..so baby needs some fat in their diet!)

It is recommended to choose the best ingredients, for carrot you might consider organic carrot. For peas choose the fresh one, but frozen is also the second best option.For potatoes consider Russet (reason: if guna this kind klu baked it will turn nicely and when mashed, do not turn to paste as quickly as other types of white potatoes). Oh ya I found that if you cannot find Russet potatoes, look for US potatoes..sbbnya nmpk dlm phamplet Giant..it same...

I put extra green peas as my plan for potato salad and green peas puree

After blend it...top-potato salad, below-green peas..
looks yummy-yummy

Baked apple and raisin in a bag

1. Clean and cut apple
2. Put apple and raisins in the aluminium pocket
3. Cook it about 10-15minutes. Masak atas dapur...if you have microwave boleh la guna microwave so jadilah baked apple and raisin, tp klu baked xsilapnya seelok2nya kulit epal tu xpayah buang
4. Cool it a bit. Blend it..done...

Second plan of the day-baked apple& raisin and steamed pears
(on the same day I manage to prepare 4 types of foods for two weeks stock..
erk ibu-nk-jimat-masa)

Campur2 letak atas aluminium foil..dan lipat
Renjis sikit air sbb takut xmasak

Tgh masak

Dah masak

Both recipes you can add to the porridge.

I would like to remind that it is advisable for you to try the ingredient it before for 4 days..maksudnya baby anda sudah try makan puree carrot 4 days, green peas 4 hari and so on. The reason is if you just simply give this recipe without trying it before, you might dont have idea in case ur baby allergic. Secara logik klu la allergik xboleh nk teka alah potato ke alah green peas ataupun alah pada carrot! kan susah...(if you asked me whether I follow strictly 4 days rule, the answer not really..I mean depends..some smpi lebih 4 hari makan benda sama, some 3 hari..but at least 3 days)

After finished all the things, my kitchen look really mess! Masa steam potato, carrot, green peas mcm kelam kabut..but manage to organise it..nasib dah beli 3 layer steamer..so below layer water, second layer put potatoes, upper layer green peas. Dapur lagi satu I just use periuk isi air and put cake tin with carrot (nasib baik juga cake tin tu muat2 ngan periuk)...so just be creative to prepare the food!

Oh ya, since the potato salad looks colourful I took a little bit to make it potato-salad-untuk-ibu-ayah. Except I add mayonis and a lil bit of olive oil bagi menggantikan unsalted butter.


The adult version of potato salad perfectly matched with Fish & Co. I admit it is really hard for me to cook western style. If even masak spagheti usually chefnya ialah encik suami.

Since in the freezer, I have fish fillet and hash brown, I decided to prepare Fish & Co (I dont call it fish & chips since no chips, instead hash brown.

Its just simple step. Cover the fillet with seasoned flour (flour, salt and pepper). Dip the flour coated fillet into a beaten egg (white). Coat it with breadcrumbs and finally fry it.

I noticed that it is really saving up the cost. The fish fillet is dory which I bought at Tesco for RM4.99..and I just use half of it...Plus all the other ingredients, it cost maybe RM7-10..or even less...Hmm makan kat kedai untk 2 org sudah almost 30ringgit!

Fish & co
Fish & hash brown served with potato salad and black pepper dip
Encik suami smpt kata dh boleh bukak kedai ni....
(pls ignore the decoration...i failed)

So hope it can give some ideas for mommies out there. (klu xmasak skrg, copy-paste recipe and try it later)

Have a great weekend!


Dayu said...

apple ngan pear ngan raisin
hhmm...menarik dan tertarik
boleh dicuba ini
mesti eisya suka makan manis2 skit

mommie Tia Zahraa said...

wow!best arr makanan baby u..yummy!
leh try nanti..
thanks for sharing..hehe

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