28 January, 2011

Boy or girl?

When it comes to pregnancy stories, the first question pop up " Boy or girl"

Even my pregnancy just 18 weeks, I think I have been asked this question sooo many times? My answer..Dunno yet..

Hmm..even tho there is a lot of differences between 1st and 2nd that doesn't mean that it will be different gender rite? My husband also seems soo eager to know,but if follow my instinct I'm also not sure.

I remember last pregnancy (at that time I dunno I'm pregnant, since takut mengharap sgt maka delay2kan test), I dream of Fahrin Ahmad and Mac (CSI)...its really weird for me!

Fahrin & Mac (CSI) dh xleh masuk besen mcm saya !

This time? hmm too many dreams until I couldn't remember..haha

So I reserve the answer till the baby pop out..not become too secretive, but I always want to give some suprise =)

Hmm nowadays it hard for me to write...broadband at home always slow mcm siputttt, plus I'm always end up sleeping whenever Afham sleeping...so end up all the topic I want to write never exist even in draft mode. Pity me...then how it will be when I have 2 children?

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+ Faizah Yazdad + said...

masa kite preggy, kite penah mimpi kite da slamat besalin and it's a boy...tp realitinya my bb is a princess :D
actually tadahal la prince ke princess kan? janji sihattttt.. ;)

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