10 February, 2011

Dilema berpantang

Until now, I really cannot decide on confinement planning..Ya the moment I knew that I'm pregnant again this really struck in my mind. Encik suami said that this time I can decide nak pantang di mana..but I really cannot think

Urmmm, I think I never write how it was for the first confinement, so here the story-mory

Part 1
My MIL came together with Tuk end of February as afraid I delivered earlier than EDD. I even started maternity leave 23/2 assuming to get some rest and also hoping that baby pop out early than EDD. But seems Afham enjoying the inside moment as I only delivered him on 7/3…

Mak stayed with us till almost end of March..which actually almost half of confinement period. She still working till now, and during that month she took a month leave!

She helped with taking care baby and of course no such pampered! I mean she helped to bath Afham at early days and then slowly I picked up the task..So by 2nd week I already know to handle him..mandi, tukar pampers, so on (OK2 I never touch, hold newborn baby..even pegang anak org lain pun yg dh tahap besar..inikan plak handle newborn)

MIL help to cook..I am not fussy so just ate whatever she cook..everyday will be fish – tenggiri dan yg x gatal2..xde ayam, .Sume goreng asam. Vege plak sawi and kucai. Fruit I can ate orange…Minum air xde pantang belasah je..but I still have constipation (plus asik takut nk qada' hajat besar…mind setting jugak kot). She do not encourage me to take pil from confinement set (I bought Mustika Ratu). So end up just take hospital pills and some homeopathy pill (encik suami bought this complete set from pregnant till deliver).. Erk itu pun ada hari xmakan (yes not discipline when it comes to pills…) . I also took Polleney Ikan Haruan, since xde makan ikan yg fresh

Bab beli brg basah tuk makan, encik suami yg handle..so ape yg dia beli, mak masak, itulah yg dimakan

MIL also will help esp during night..some nights Afham wont sleep for for few hours (baby kan adjusting their sleeping pattern..), she will take care and asked me to sleep..So during day, most of the time I took care him.

The rest, she help sidai dan lipat baju..while myself uruskan bab laundry ni (sorting, so on la…basuh mesin pun still kena kita handle sikit) ..baju baby, suami ngan diri snediri

Oh ya tukang urut urutkan untk 3 hari..urut, tungku, bengkung, param, pilis…tapikan lps 3 hari satu badan naik rashes maybe tak sesuai param pilis. Adalah mandi air (xingat ape bahan) for 2-3 hari MIL buatkan, the rest mandi air suam2

Kesian dkt Tuk, end up dia makan, tgk tv, tidur..sehingga bosanlah katanya duk di kl ni. Whenever encik suami asked her ikut gi Tesco, dia x nak ikut..so end up she never came out from our house

Part 2

Towards end of March, my father came with my brother.

So he help with cooking,sidai kain, taking care time malam2 Afham berjaga..(For new mum this is what we call sleepless night..baby bgn pukul 2 pagi even dh menyusu pun dia boleh mata celik xmo tido…bam2 ke, buai ke, selawat ke matanya celik kdg2 smpi ke subuh!)

Bab makan almost similar mcm mak..except vege ada la makan kentang & carrot..(I think I requested encik suami to buy lobak putih, tp xde pun dpt makan..) and also my father buatkan sambal halia

My father and brother went back to Segamat on my 43 days of confinement. On 44 day, Afham admitted to hospital for antibiotic treatment (so my plan to have penutup pantang xjadi)

Both of them also never come out not even to Tesco, since my brother sakit kaki (after almost a year we just know that actually tulang punggung dia sedikit retak..itu pun sbb baru2 ni my brother admitted to hospital due to asthma)

Start from confinement day 44 till now, we took care him (yes my colleagues asked me so sendiri2 ye? Xde org tua tgk2 kan? I think they know how we struggle with all those early days)

Now back to my current concern

I still have step grandma..but she never giving birth..and of course we (me, my sister, my father) have some doubt whether she can take care of me during confinement. My father already asked "org kl nk mintak tlg mak bidan jb tolong jaga" and she replied " nape tak bidan segamat (my father la) jaga". So indirectly understood that she rejected.

If asked my father to come here and help plak kesian plak kt my brother. Nowadays he is really hard to move around, kena bawak tongkat ke sana sini

So the option that I have to asked MIL…but she still working, xkan nak amik cuti sebulan lagi? Udahle tahun lps amik, tahun ni lagi. Karang Tuk bosan lg dok kl…or I should have my confinement at Kedah?

Kalau pantang di mana2 kg pun haruslah pulak packing bnyk benda…brg ibu, baby, Afham. Encik suami plak kena dtg every weeks or every 2 weeks. Plus we have no experience balik kg with newborn (this time lgla 1 newborn, 1 toddler). Then we still do not know the condition of our 2nd baby..doa2 sume sihat sajalah (during Afham, almost every week visited hospital to have his urine test..due to UTI)

I even suggested to encik suami to have my own confinement..means sdn bhd..masak pun simple je goreng ikan, sayur masak air je..Afham plak hantar ke nursery as usual (I don't think taking care both is good idea..sb takut la tinggalkan baby tgh tidur, takutla plak Afham kacau adik dia..The rest ask for encik suami help. But he seems not agree..takut dia bz ngan keje sume so end up he cannot help much

Or should I try confinement services like shadira. I know the services is quite pricey, but at least there's someone to help for at least 2 weeks? (klu encik suami setuju, saya sudah reserve sikit duit bonus hari tu untk kos ni…). But I have to concern on outsider staying together with us..

I have few concerns also like whom will take care Afham if in case I deliver during weekend? If working day still have nursery, but of course only during day..how if I deliver during night? The only nearby relative is Encik suami's cousin (stayed nearby to our house)..

Pening pening..

Hmm..betullah dilemma..erm alahai kalaulah emak masih ada :(

p/s : org yg ada emak pun ada yg kdg2 xbersyukur ada org jagakan..yelah bkn pe kdg2 org tua ni bg pantang larang adalah sebabnya...mak mana yg xsayang anak..pastilah ada sebab klu dilarang time pantang ni


pr3ttych3rry said...


i was pregnant too tapi gugur about 3 weeks ago.. wanted to ask the help from Iree touch service. I heard of them kat TV 1 punye show...similar mcm shadira.. tapi mcm ok sket la price. I can fwd the quotation they send me if u want.. email la myhandbaghooks@yahoo.com. Now I pantang pakai post natal set from Tanamera plus the tungku.

ღnFashyaღ said...

kak, kite pun pantang sendiri2 je. nasib baik mase tu adik tgh cuti sem, adelah org nak tlg. MIL pun xdapat tolong sebab SIL pun sama dalam pantang. Duduk umah MIL pun seminggu sebab nak berurut. The rest mmg sendiri2. nak kate berpantang betul2 tu xdelah.

Ayah kite dapat dtg 2-3 hari je sebab adik still sekolah.

agak2 badan dah boleh gerak buat keje, kite gerak je. Memang berpantang secara gamble je. Mak kite pun dah xde...redha jelah kan...Bahagian masing-masing

yana said...

zurai.. dilema zurai ni mcm kyana lalui ms nak bersalinkan muiz dulu.. last2 decide to pantang sndr.. n kat kl je kan.. sbb dah 2nd baby n alhamdulillah x lemah mcm lps bersalin 1st dulu.. MIL cuti seminggu tlg jaga.. mak jauh kat kb n still keje.. dtg jugak kejap jenguk2.. yg lain mmg sdn bhd la.. hubby tlg msk2 b4 p kje.. n tlg pe2 lps balik keje.. anak 1st hntr p nursery... tp alhamdulillah semuanya ok.. mula2 je kita dok pk mcm2 risau itu ini.. tp alhamdulillah baby x byk ragam... ckp kat dia awal2 lg la yg ibu nak pantang sndr kat umah sndr.. baby jgn buat perangai.. dok diam2.. jd anak yg baik.. :))

NURUL said...

hai raihan ni nurul jumpa gak blog awak tau thanks join 2nd gath hari tu

NURUL said...

meh add fb nurul raihan Nurul Jamian

Three Musketeers said...

Dulu, kiter berpantang sendiri jer. MIL datang everyday, sebab rumah dekat, but then, setakat 2 minggu jer. My mom kerja, so, cuti seminggu jer tolong aper yang patut...:)

Insya Allah, boleh dear...:)

Salam ziarah and salam perkenalan from me...:)

m@Ri@ said...

sy jugak..preggy kali ni dlm di lema siapa yg akan menjaga sy..mungkin jg diri sendiri je kot..huhu..sbb ingat thn ni nak pantang dgn mak..tp mak dah kembali ke rahmatullah awal bulan 2 haritu..huhu..

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