25 March, 2011


When we visited Klinik Kanak-Kanak xyz recently for Afham's last jab of pneumococcal, we notice there is one new toy over there

So while waiting, we let him play around..and he was soo interested with this new toy

Then encik suami asked me whether we can find it at any toy shop...I noticed the activity center have a brand one of formula milk company (activity center tu attached ngan meja sekali)

So I started ups and downs looking for it..I know it will be a little bit pricey (since looking at ikea bead roller coaster cost RM49...inikan plak activity center with so many combination toys)

When it comes to toys, usually I buy something that reasonable price and even tho encik suami said "mcm bnyk je mainan afham" I always think it not much..thehehe till he saw at TV there's one mummy showed her daughter toys..baru tahu mainan anak org lain lagi bnyk. Then sometimes at mall encik suami will said "mahalnya mainan ni.." , then I will answer "tgkler cap ape..cap ikan mahal....cap ayam je murah (ok xde cap ayam just sebut aje)"

So my searching end up to amazon.com. Yes it is exactly same like we see at the clinic..

Then, I still not satisfied, so just email someone that usually help with buying things from US, and received this from her

I also compared to vshub.com and few site...and the reason it is soo expensive because the toy itself weight almost 7kg

I talked to encik suami, then he said "boleh beli katil afham.."
So seem that we have forget the idea of getting that (Unless ada readers yg ada kwn nak cuti2 obersea/ balik Msia dan sangguh tolong beli dan angkut mainan 7kg ni....erkada ke?)
Or maybe just buy something look-alike (but still not similar) at ToyRUs...(saw at preloved toys blog..most of activity center sold out...)

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