25 July, 2012

Personal review : 2011 & 2012 baby expo

As promised...I tried to make it simple (dh le lambat post)

1. 2nd Mom & Baby Expo 2011
6 - 8 May 2011 Mid Valley Halls 1, 2 & 3
Today Publishing http://www.todaypublishing.com.my/

Goody bag - a lot of things Scott Emulsion, Mini toiletries Baby Kiko, Sample Pet Pet...etc

Dapat free amik jelah bib ni..tp isi jelah form yg nestle suruh

Stylo Mama Shoulder Bag Set SE
Bought this at price RM203 (if not mistaken)..original almost RM300? (Lunatots booth)

TYT Herbal bath and also for baby..couldn't remember the price...dpt free gift towel, minyak tyt, and also rendam2 kaki (TYT booth)

Personal opinion :The best ever expo..perhaps a lot of participants..You can always check their FB update..

2. 2nd Maternity & Children Expo
18 - 20 Nov 2011
Halls 1, 2 & 3
The Concept Exhibition http://tce.com.my/

Goody bag..not so much but still have few sample

Bumblebee bottle RM20/ pack (My BB Choice booth)
Berpantang secara alami (book) RM 14 (Karangkraf booth)
MAM bottle RM 26.80 (MAM booth)

Autumnz nursing wear each RM48 (Autumnz booth)
Pureen - Nasal spray (RM18 each), 3 bottle (RM15) liquid cleanser (RM11 each), rekito mosquitto repellant (RM16) (Pureen booth)

Personal opinion : A lot of participants..also consider good place to get bargain baby items..cuma goody bag items xde la banyak sgt items

3. Motherhood Expo 2012
Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre 24th – 26th February 2012 http://www.harenet.com.my/expo/

No goody bag, but everyone register dapat ni

Boria suits..two for rm49

Sweater rm35

Nursing kurung RM 80 (booth), Autumnz inner RM22 (Autumnz booth)

Bumblebee bottle RM21.90 each (Happy Baby booth)

Toy RM15

Mix2 RM40

Personal opinion : Not really big, but I went on Friday...so mmg xdelah bersesak2 ( thats why manage to grab baju2).plus the booth arrangement was good..since there is some space

Overall, I would suggest do some homework ( price so on) before you step to those baby expo. Another things be prepared with unexpected purchase ( be careful as u might end up buy unnecessary items..so spare extra money in case you have tendency to spend more). You can get baby items at discounted price plus free gifts, but you have to aware that there always a lot of people...sesak cam ikan sardin

Happy hunting!

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