24 July, 2012

Pregnant in style, nursing in style...and its 2 in 1!

When I found out that I was pregnant (afham), I was totally clueless when it comes to maternity wears. I always see pregnant woman in maxi, or typical pregnant dress.

Later, after searching thru net I found 2 in 1 maternity and nursing shirt! I just love the ideas because at least it can be wear not only for 9 months (the only things u might end up wearing it again and again). Until now I do not have maternity dress, perhaps because I prefer shirt to match with pants...lgpun ulang alik kerja naik public transport, mcm leceh pakai maxi, dress ni

But back to 2009 not much option that match my taste. So most of my maternity cum nursing wear bought from http://enjoybreastfeed.com/ (as I found they have shirt 2 in 1 design Japanese..kawaii for me!)

First pregnancy..my 2 in 1 shirts..leh refer entry ni

As time passed by, the shirts do have wear & tear signal (masuk mesin, asik dok ulang pakai..lama2 berbulu, dn koyak sikit)..so during confinement (alif), I started to shop online, and the good thing this time more option available...rambang mata...but I tried to limit, beli sikit2 (tapi sikit2 lama2 jd bnyk gak)

So today I share few website where u can find 2 in 1 maternity and nursing wear. On top of that, I always consider shirt can be 2 in 1 (because some of pic below not really fit for pregnant, but more on 2 in 1 pumping/ nursing and office wear). For time being bye bye poplook ( hajat hati nk jugak try 1 tp bila fikir balik keje kdg2 terus g mkn luar, lg senang susukan alif pakai nursing shirt.)

Oh ya to my suprise even tho I' m wearing either maternity and nursing wear or nursing and office wear, most likely it is not noticeable...some even kata cantikla baju, mana beli....bla2 then when I told the shirt is for bf also, thay stated to raise eyebrow...xcaya kot smbl nk carik mana nk selak2 untk susu/ pam..haha

I received a lot of compliments while wear this shirt. The shirt is mumdreams label (http://mumdreams.com.my/estore/), but bought it from http://mypermatahati.com/shop/

Still my favourite maternity and nursing wear online shop http://enjoybreastfeed.com/ . Yang kotak2 coklat tu husband kata cam baju Yuna..

Cantik tak? Ada opismate kate nmpk cam selesa betul shirt, the black one I wore during photoshoot. All bought from http://www.mammahouse.com/

Bought it during baby expo..all under autumnz label http://www.autumnz.com/

Last but not least all the way from Johor...http://milakids.com/. Yg xsyok blh tak pakai bj biru belang2 tu ada yg kata 'ko pregnant ke?' mebi sbb cutting loose sgt kot

(some design might no longer available at above online shop..but no worries they still have other nice options..kdg2 baju sama rega lain2, so ni kena tpuk dadala..tp klu dh kenan smpi xleh tdo, haruslah beli..hehe)

Eh sume gambar atas sume model cam tak aci plak kan..so letakla gmbr sdiri gak

sume ni nursing wear...

Amacam, betulkan mengandung pun boleh bergaya, menyusu pun boleh bergaya...dan boleh berjimat since 2 in 1

Later I will share other online shop that sell nice maternity and nursing wear...till then..

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