15 April, 2009

Our chapter...our chapter...our chapter

I'm still in year end mood...~ ghee first time wt closing bukan year end Dec

So readers pls be very super duper patient ~ actually I still not received the whole package of wedding pics and my husband still not view it OK ~ he is also busy

Don't worry lambat ke cepat, I will upload here...just keep on reading and patient

Thank you very much for all the support ~ hmm currently I dun think that I will private my blog...sila senyum...hahaha

Pabila 2 tangan berjabat

For the 1st time calling him kekanda....

Aci2 buka tingkap, nana mau minum kopi ~~~

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nurul aziyana said...

ececeh main ciku cak plk die yer..

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