06 August, 2010

Baby : Rotavirus and Pneumococcal

Besides the compulsory jab, there are 2 optional jab for babies which are rotavirus and pneumococcal (sebut betul betul new-mo-cock-all).

Both are not subsidized by government (maybe because of the price..ok2 i dunno the compulsory jab price in private since I opt to have it at Klinik Kesihatan gomen...sbb ada ibu2 komen lebih baik ke gomen atas few reasons, so pikir itu ini maka bersabar sajalah dgn masalah menunggu).

For those interested to get this optional jab for their baby need to use their own $$$.

So what is rotavirus and pneumococcal?

Rotavirus is on oral vaccine.
The rotavirus vacine is known as Rotarix.

What is Rotavirus?
Rotavirus is a virus that infects the bowels and it is the most common cause of severe diarrhea among infants and children.
Children aged 3 to 24 months are at greater risk for developing severe disease from Rotavirus infection.

What are the symptoms of rotavirus infection?
Fever, vomitting and watery diarrhea which can cause severe dehydration.

How is Rotavirus spread?
Passage of the virus in stool to the mouth of another child
Unclean hands, toys and objects
Ingestion of Rotavirus contaminated water or food
Contact with a Rotavirus contaminated surface

How to prevent your child from Rotavirus?
Complete eradication of Rotavirus infection is highly imposible as the virus is easily transmitted. Vaccination is the most effective prentive measure proven to protect children from Rotavirus infections.

The vacine is known as Prevnar

What is pneumococcal?
Caused by the bacterium Streptococcus Pneumoniae
Streptococcus Pneumoniae can cause diseases such as infection of the brain (Pneumococcal Meningitis), infection of the lungs (Pneumococcal Pneumonia), and middle ear infection (Pneumococcal Otitis Media).

Who is at risk of pneumococcal disease?
Young children (less than 2 years old) and earderly are most at risk of developing pneumococcal disease.

How can my child contract Pneumococcal disease?
The bacteria are carried in the oral and nasal cavity of healthy children and adults, they can be passed on to other children by touch or through coughing

How can I protect my child from pneumococcal disease?
Vaccines are very sucessful in reducing the number of cases of pneumococcal disease. This may not protect your child from all pneumococcal infections but will substantially reduce their chabces of contracting one.

Are there any risk assiociated with the pneumococcal vaccine
Like all medicines , there is a risk that your child could experience side effects after receiving the pneumococcal vaccine. These could include a little pain or inflammation at the injection site which will usually last no more than a day or so. In addition, your child may feel a little unwell or develop a fever after vaccination.

On top of that babies who are sent to day care are at the highest risk of getting this terrible disease. If you can afford, it is advisable to get your baby vaccinated as soon as possible. The dose of pneumococcal vacine depends on the age of your baby (if not mistaken for baby below 6 months will have 4..em takut korg xfaham klu first jab pneumococcal ni amik masa umur baby before 6 months, he will have 4 jab..klu dah umur setahun baru ambil akan diberi 2/3 jab sahaja)

Both of us agree to get our little one with both vaccines. Yup the cost is pricey...(this is what we can do..we might not buy an expensive toy and clothes, but for future protection on his health why not?)

For mom to be, besides ur baby checklist..I think you can include the cost of both vaccines as part and partial of the budget (or maybe use the money gifts?)

Rotavirus is to be taken before 6 months (ni tau pun sbb jumpa paed hari tu...dan kitaorg mula2 ingat amik Pneumococcal je, tp on the spot terus kata okla since Rotavirus ni bkn inject tapi oral vaccine..plus fikir gak Afham suka sgt masuk tgn dlm mulut..hehe nasib masa tu duit cukup2 je nk byr =p)

Owh before I forgot the cost of Rotavirus is 100++ while Pneumococcal 200+. The cost different from each clinic/ private hospital (xtau nape...tp dlm range la).

Simple calculation [sblm botak kepala korang..ni estimation saja..]
Rotavirus : RM180 x2 = 360
Pneumococcal (if taken before ur baby reach 6months) : RM 280 x 4 = 1,120

So the whole cost almost RM1.5k! [not pay in one lump sum...tp ini kalau nk kira semua sekali boleh dapat handbag canggih2 woo] But prevention better than cure...Alangkah tgk baby demam pun rasa kesian inikan pula klu admitted to hospital, itu satu hal..lagi plak parents kena EL plak..

encik suami kata gugur bulu mata ketiak nk bayar kos bil ini


supernunu said...

good info..that day i ada tanya one of the dr.He saih pneumococcal tu optional.but 4 prevention baik amik.my sister inlaw which is a dr kt gomen,dia kata kat australia pneumococcal dah dlm schedule baby

SuhailaHanafi said...

hi, thanks for sharing your exp. in this two vaccines.
i also plan nk amik for my baby, since skarang dh start hantar nursery.. btw my baby is 8 mths..

susah nak cari info yg disclose cost utk both vaccination.. but this is the right place for me.. yup nampaknya i kena keruk 1.5k utk my baby. better late than never rite?
better this than belikan dia PS3 ke, PSP ke huhu..
thanks again..

✿ n.i.e.y.x.z.h.a ✿ ™ said...

nape mahal sangat eh vaccine tu kat sini... hmmm

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