09 August, 2010

Blogger pun kena bayar tax ke?

Morning everyone..monday blues? Hows weekend? Great? Or sudah kering-poket gara2 warehouse sale Pureen ekekek

Since Monday always consider as Monday blues lets have entry-sentap

Blogger pun kena bayar tax?

Hehe..of course you, me and others need to pay tax from the employment income that we have...[of coursela kena isi-submit BE baru tau kena bayar or refund kan?].

But how about income that we generated from blogging? Hmmm yes this is consider as side income and you might think that "ala ni income suka2 je...tak kan kena tax?" or "income nuffnang ni dah cash out beli handbag guess/coach/LV tak kan kena bayar tax jugak?"

I know out there a lot of successful blogger makes money from blogging to the extend few thousand in a month [jeles ni..nak gak buat duit dr keje menulis suka suki nih...tp apekan daya nuffnang gerak tahap biasa2 jek]..some at least geeting few hundreds in a month [tp sebulan 100, setaun dh dapat ribu jugakkan?...jeles2 nih].

OK, back to main topic, income generated from blogging is also taxable...Tak percaya? please read Redmummy experience here where she had been audited by LHDN. [Zaman kerja tax firm dulu big boss mentioned that ada VIP (if not mistaken) kena serang LHDN pagi2 buta masa sibuk dia nak mandi...I couldn't remember the rest of story]

Zaman sudah berubah, no longer income from employment or business is being taxable. Income from blogging also taxable beb [okeh2 I used to be so called as tax agent, so seeing letter from LHDN was part of kerja cari makan. But it has been several years resigned from the job..haha Nuffnang pun tak exist lagi when I resigned from the tax job].

So after saw RM post, I bet it is a red alert for bloggers! Besides it as alert for those having online shop business.

From now on please check if you have side income either from blogging, selling burger at night, selling AVON/ Tupperware, MLM, online shop and so on. LHDN ada mata2-spy tau [Again big boss dulu kata kdg org xperasan cth dia bgtau mata2 ni beli burger smbil tnya soklan kat penjual burger "jual burger semalam dapat banyak tak?" And from the answer of course LHDN can calculate back plus few infos they know and suddenly penjual burger dapatle surat URUSAN SERI PADUKA BAGINDA]

For all please read entry Kak Red (good entry, and I have to read few times smbil mengingatkan ilmu2 tax yg dh berkulat, berhabuk..ni bukan promoter RM okeh?)

That's all for today...Later, I need to open my income tax act plus few tax books for some tax planning and might consider few things since I have some intention to have online business [haha lps baca entri RM terus pk...blog xglamer bagai pun xpe, income nuffnang mcm siput pun xpe...But the other side of me said xkan nk harapkan income makan gaji jek, angan2 banyak...nk revamp rumah, nak makeover diri sdiri, nak pakai handbag best and 1001 angan2 and all this needs $$$, sdgkan nak buat KC seciput kecik pun kena korek all sources]


dialicious said...

alamak..kalo i ratus2 je pun kene byr ke..huhuhuh..

ay_yusof said...

haish, handbag best kan dah dapat? dah pakai belum?

Triple R said...

ye la.... Income singgit dua pun kena inform kat LHDN tuh.... Macam tak biasa lak ko nih.... kan dah belajar personal tax waktu kat UiTM tuh.... hehehehe....

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