25 August, 2010

Hello Kitty, FT and Happy Birthday

Ini entri basi...since my sis already posted it here

I am a big fan of Hello Kitty, but now not really big fan..[hehe ayat apakah ini???]. Esp during uni time I have a collection of Hello Kitty...even there was one time I have received birthday present almost everything adalah barang Hello Kitty..magnet, clip, watch...Some of the things still exist, some of it gone with the wind..[ekeke bkn pe ada yg terjatuh kat tempat susah nk amik, ada yg dh terpatah and so on]

So the only Hello Kitty items that still in my hand maybe fridge magnet...But for a month plus almost 2 months (sigh..see i'm updating entri basi), I have added my new collection and it is a Hello Kitty handbag

Drum please....My sis gave it as a present...[encik suami amat jeles sbb rega bag itu adalah mahal...sbb bini dia pun xpernah beli handbag lebih 3ratus]

Its Hello Kitty Che Che handbag

she also gave this key chain

And how am I suppose to pose with this limited edition bag?

Macam inikah? Pic taken from here

Ada iras2 mcm atas tak?
Please ignore part2 yg masih xberjaya disusutkan

The fact that I still dun believe how my sis willingly to give it as a present. tp dh bg terima ajelah kan? Encik suami keep asking what I will give to my sis (its her birthday today!)...the answer...no idea, maybe later (abg, wife anda sudah sponser lobang2 hutang unexpected expenses...so blom ada ada ongkos mau beli present..)

Owh not only me received a present, encik suami also received something (I manage to gave lil suprise, I put it inside the car, while myself sibuk tuup2 lampu, kunci rumah)

It is FT's new album
(haha kata new sbb both xsedar bila album ni keluar)

Isteri kedekut belanja berhemah?
(belated anniversary, belated father's day, advance birthday)

Last but not least Happy Birthday to my sis...

Cikde..epi bestday!!! Apam mimpi cikde suap kek..yummie2 tapi xsuap kat apam sbb tu apam muncung merajuk...

Ibu kata dia bg e-gift jelah....Forever Beauty Case by Paris Hilton

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