29 December, 2010

2 lines = pregnant

*this entry might be long and emotional*

Yes I know you might gosok-mata-tak-gatal..or maybe read it again and again and again and again...

We're expecting our 2nd baby!

*this is one of the reasons why I keep on hiatus mode most of the time*
I know..maybe you try to scroll down or read archive *gosok mata lagi* because isn’t it just few months back I posted my delivery experience, how to made homemade food for baby and so on. I wont blame if you said “so productive” *telinga mak dah kebal ayat nih...*

Since it still fresh in my mind I will wrote when I found out that I’m pregnant..

23rd Oct 2010
Somewhere around 2-3 am, encik suami said my body heating like high fever. Confirm! Since thermometer showed 38 degree celcius...so he asked me to sleep at room upstair while he taking cares our lil one. But the fact I don’t really feel like having a fever!

8 am
Since nursery open on Saturday, we send Afham to nursery.Then encik suami send me to clinic...Doctor confirms that I’m having a fever and even offered me to take panadol in the clinic, because she said at least by the time reached home the panadol will started to give the effect.

So for the rest of the day I just resting, while encik suami taking care Afham...but still I didn’t feel like having fever (Ok my type klu demam betul, mmg selubung selimut dan tidoo sepanjang hari)

24th Oct 2010
Almost 10 am
Encik suami still in la-la-land...while I’m already feeding and playing with Afham. Suddenly tekak rasa semacam *which “semacam rasa” was likely when I know that I’m pregnant last time. I know my period already late..but for past few months it haywire cycle....

I looked for the test kit, unfortunately its not pregnancy test *sbb nk beli yg murah..boleh tak salah beli..beli UTI test! ape kes la plak kan?* Then I asked encik suami to wake up and said “jom pi farmasi..mcm rasa pregnant”

So he drove to the pharmacy and I bought 2 tester *this time correct one*..and I wont wait till the next day-Although it always recommended to make a test in early morning and if possible the first urine of the day...

The result??? 2 lines

Both of us a lil bit shocked..taking our time to accept this news *tak percaya pun ada...*. Although this time encik suami do not turn to kanak2 ribena *yes last time he jumped happily when I spread the news* a kiss at forehead at least gave me some support.

The rest of the day we went to shopping complex to get my milk supplies *hmm there’s promoter busy asking me why buying susu ibu mengandung..while time time I’m carrying Afham*, korek cabinet to find out my folic acid....and of course taking our time with this big news!

For me it took some times for me to accept that I’m pregnant. Both of us planned to have our 2nd when Afham turns 1 or before turns 2..at least he will become big brother when arrival of his little brother/sister. Furthermore I have discussed with Dr Hamidah and she said its ok with this plan as last time was normal delivery.

I even searched and google some other mothers experience esp when it comes to this issue ie anak rapat selang setahun...and after reading, thinking again and again I accept it.

Looking from the brighter side
- Last time normal delivery *I even read some c sect mommies pregnant while the first one is 6months!*
- Our life consider stable – we have our own house (even tho 2nd hand), nice car (although house and car is on loan...but so far bayar without failed), makan pakai cukup la..no such PJJ relationship
- Both of us not really young, 2011 both turn twenty-nine-plus-one...
- All the baby items can be inherited..klu ada pun top up mana yg perlu aje..same goes to maternity wear I don’t have to spend a lot...pakai balik sume *tp dlm hati nk le jugak top up sehelai dua yg baru*
- Afham will have a partner to play, cry, laugh, talking, ....grow together..some mommies said anak rapat ni diorg akan close to each other *bergaduh tu alah tegal biasa la kan*
- Dah alang2 penat bgn malam, jaga anak ni teruskah ajelah sekali harung...
- Although adding new family members which means need extra $$$, I always believe in rezeki from Allah...*although xde nmpk angin2 nak naik gaji or whatnot...Bonus yg br dapat ni simpan dulu, Coach yg mak mengidam tu boleh tggu 5 taun lagik..lgpun pakai beg canggih sgt skrg ni end up anak belek2, gigit2, ketuk2,..*
- There’s couples outside need to wait for several years to get baby...I saw Giuliana & Bill show..watched how she really wants to have a baby with all those medical procedures *ok2 I am not kind of people like to see all the wires, needles or anything that can makes me scared esp with hospital, medical equipment ..cukupla masuk spital tuk bersalin..tak ke patut bersyukur xkena lalui sesi seluk2, check2, cucuk2, soal jwb ngan doc sume tu*
- I have solid reason when people ask adding new family members *lets us taking care 2 kids first..*
- I have good excuse not to update my blog frequently *lps tu sdiri rindu nk update*
- Allah know the best *sbgai hambaNya kita xle nmpk hikmah, rezeki di sebaliknya..*

Few cons
- I realised I do not have enough rest *eh tapi Raja Azura kat sinar .fm mention ada anak kecik ni 3 taun xcukup tdo...so ada anak kecik pastu pregnant mmgle xdpt lari dr asik never-ending penat* I admit in early stage sometimes I lost my temper..adalah ternaik suara time tgh penat-badan plak struggling with pregnancy hormone..Afham plak melasak nak tonggeng terbalik main
- Our house tonggang terbalik...but at least encik suami tolong gak *tolong lipat kain...benda yg masa mula2 kawen xpernah pun tolong, buat susu tuk isteri*. I’m thinking of getting part time maid, at least some works can be subcon
- Emotions running ups and downs *on at early stage when I knew I’m pregnant* kejap ok, kejap lagi start risau..can we handle 2? *handle sorg pun tonggang terbalik, inikan pulak 2* and few issues slip in mind
- I cannot proceed with my career plan. I've obtained MIA membership adding to current ACCA and planning to move new job with better postion and of course better pays. I thought end of 2010 concentrate on career hunting, and expect that by early 2011 I should be in new company and at the same time Afham turns 1 ..then can plan for 2nd baby....afterall believe that Allah has better plan than what I know *mana tau lps 2nd baby dpt keje yg btl2 bagus..Insya Allah*

Status : A week after we found out the big news!

*that's why we took some times on this*

I'm pretty sure that our life will be challenging. To handle one baby and one toddler, to handle housechore, financial , works, and so on..juggling here and there.

This is the challenge to become hot supermum & superdad perhaps?


sharEna said...

dear, me pon tgh takut2 sbb period dh lewat bbrp hari. sbbnya ade kes 'ter' itu. huhuh..around 5 days b4 my period dtg..

ade org kate time tu hormon tgh low sbb nk period. so maybe x pegnen. but since sudah 3 hari lewat, mmg rasa mcm pegnen pulak. huhuh

mcm belum ready, tp klu pegnen jugak, tahun depan sama2 la kite dpt 2nd baby...kui kui =p

ღnFashyaღ said...

wow....congrates kak raihan...

sebagai anak kedua yang rapat kelahirannya dengan abg saya rase macam semacam pulak bace entri ni....huhu...ntah2 my parent masa pregnant kan saya, rase macamni kot..huhu

selalunya parent macam terkejut dengan kehamilan kali ke2... tapi anak sulung super happykan..

ape pun kak raihan, rezeki tu Allah yang bagi, semoga anak yang dikandung sihat sejahtera... amin..

Hunny said...

congrats for the 2nd baby :) nk ty, u memang xamek fmy planning ke?tetiba rasa cuak.kot2 nanti ter'accident' huhu tapi kalau dh rezeki, memang rasa excited jugak kn?heehe

fizz said...

congrats! insyaAllah mesti tuhan ade perancangan yg lebih baik kan ;) lgpun bole la bg afham kawan main ehehe

nurul aziyana said...

btw congrates..
terasa mcm faham perasaan k.raihan eventho xkene pd dri sdn lg..tp bila dh ade anak ni mak oi mmg penat..tu br sorg..tp btul perancangan Allah itu lebih baik..pasti ada hikmahnya..take care dear

BuTtErFlyInFraMe said...

cpngrats on 2nd pregnancy. Rezeki Allah, alhamdulillah :)

tapi tu lah nk jugak tnya, kalau lps bersalin ni, hari subur mcm sebelum2 pregnant jgk ke?

ummi Tia Zahraa said...

Salam sis!
Congratssss for ur pregnancy..
My frens ada suggest i pregnant lagi, dia ckp best & lagi senang anak rapat2, so nnti anak tak berkepit dgn kita aje, cos dia ada geng buat kawan. hehe :) penat sekejap aje dia kata. so dont worry ya! take care urself sepjg mengandung nih. Afham shud be a good brother after all :)

lylieiqmal said...

ai..tahniah tuk second pregnancy..kite mengalami situasi yg same...moge kite same2 kuat menghadapi keadaan yg tidak terjangke ini k..
nyway..salam kenal...

m@Ri@ said...

me too..peningg..tapi still tak confirm..(tak percaya)..nanti nak beli satu lagi pregnancy test kit..huwaaaaaa..takut..

merahjamboo said...

congratulations!!!murahnyaa rezeki;)jangan risau, Tuhan bagi sebab dia sayang;)

pr3ttych3rry said...


I baca ur blog for alot of info about pregnancy n stuff.. i had a miscarriage back in july last year.. but i am now pregnant again =) about the same time as u r.. i found out i am pregnant on th 24th of oct.. so if i am right.. we are about 4 months now. congrats to u! hopefully all well for both of us~

Anonymous said...

dear....me too, pregnant after 7mths kosong. and the best part is i czer. never expect to be this fast, tapi Allah lebih mengetahui. wpun kekurangan di sana sini, diharapkan segalanya akan dpt ditempuhi. i delivered my baby on 4th May 2010 and now he s only 8.5mths...he will be 16mths when his bro/sis come out. kurus la makkk nanti.

MrsWhiteberry said...

Hi sis.. slm perknalan...gratz on ur 2nd preggy..!!bestnye :)

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