20 December, 2010

Cooking competition

Its not about myself enter any cooking competition (gulp...mak xlayak la...takat masak sdiri2 je yakin)..but it about reality tv showing some sort of cooking competition..

I really enjoy this reality cooking competition compared to singing reality tv...Reason? erk maybe its mouth watering? Haha..I think because I love food! Sometimes certain thing sound bombastic when it comes to the recipe name..like "Shrimp and Corn Risotto Fritters with Jalapeno Aioli" (bknke itu mcm keluarga jemput2..hihi)

Besides enjoying the shows, it also adding my cooking dictionaries...despite certain thing might not available in Malaysia..

Iron Chef
I think this is the first ever reality tv that I saw past few years back (yelah dulu xde astro..so tgk ape yg aderla)

I really love the show...The guest chefs challenging the show's resident "Iron Chef". Then they have to prepare as many dishes as they can from the specific theme ingredient. So they have to be creative with this ingredient...


In each episode four chefs compete by three round - appetizer, entree, and dessert. The chefs are given a basket containing several ingredients, and each dissh must contain each of those ingredient.

I think the competition really tough..because the ingredient itself sometimes not commonly prepared eg sardine, watermelon (kalau ikan ngan durian at least leh la gulai tempoyak ikan...walaupun tempoyak tu xberapa nk tempoyak la sbb masa pendek)

Top Chef

Just few weeks I watched this...Itu pun terbukak tv right after sampai rumah (around 7pm). And its already half of the season 3..and slowly catch up with season 4. From the website currently it has 8 season...

Again here chefs compete each other in culinary challenges. Each episode had two challenge - quickfire challenge and elimination challenge

Masterchef US

I just watched it because encik suami said "ni pertandingan masak2..best"

Ok..Among all the above, this is something different because they are not really chef. From doctor, software engineer, server, student...so it range

Even encik suami said if there is something like this in Malaysia, he want to join (then I have to become his cheerleeder)

And I already know who will be the winner for this 1st Masterchef US!

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