21 December, 2010

One lucky night...

I should consider 11.12.10 as my lucky day..because I won this from co. annual dinner


Its IXUS 130
complete with charger, 4G sd card, warranty ward

At first Im a lil bit not sure to attend the dinner. Because I know I cannot bring my lil one...and to find somebody to take care him on weekend - malam plak tu...Then encik suami said OK, just go and he will take care Afham

So I went alone. Before that encik suami already have some talk and he said he want me to win lucky draw specifically GPS...and we know the grand prize will be LCD TV..

Encik suami send me (bawa anak la sekali..dah bini tak reti2 nk drive sdiri! asik renew and gantung lesen)..then he drove back safely...While I enjoyed the food...makan sehingga puas! and of course waiting patiently if Im the lucky one!

Then at no belas2 ke 20 something, I heard "the winner is Zu"...and one of tablemate said "eyh you menang"....and guess what org lain (ni sbb emcee ni je pggl dia Zu pdhal org lain sume pggl nama lain)

Sob..sedihla..tp of course praying I can better lucky draw

Makan. duduk.makan. duduk...waiting patiently until no 5...brla nama naik. Sengihla sorg sbb pertama kali dlm sejarah bekerja dpt lucky draw paling top..(before this pernah dpt gak tp kurang gempak)

Went home happily, but on the way home Afham muntah (satu kereta bau..nasib hadiah dh letak elok2..xle kena ape2)..rupa2nya nak start demam

Pls ignore my not-so-follow-theme and also extra fat

Oh ya the night theme was retro 60' 70' and we got this Ogawa S-300 Hand-held Massanger as door gift...Partner pun dpt door gift gak Kimizen 3 in 1 Mini Massanger (encik suami xdtg xdptla..sob)

Rega both kat luar? sdiri mau ingat!

On top of this, it means I have two camera. The one I have is IXUS 80...hmm wonder if I want to sell this IXUS 80, will be anyone interedted to buy it from me?

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ღnFashyaღ said...

kak raihan, brape tu kalo nak let go? hihi

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