10 August, 2011

Tips : Buying books online

I don't consider myself as bookworm, but I tried my best to read if I have time

Monthly reading only Pa & Ma..and usually I will flipped back all those all magazines and books that I have *I cannot read in vehicles..so that's why I only have sweet time for reading while waiting for check up and at night – which is most likely impossible..anak tdo, ibu pun join..sometimes anak xtdo ibu dh mimpi dulu*

Few months ago I just think I need to buy few books after reading book review from some blogger. But its hard for me to visit MPH Midvalley or Kinokuniya to flip through the books...Besides I noticed some books not available at local bookstore

So here I share some tips:-

1. Get book title and author

2. You always can read other review (plus rating) from other blog and website eg amazon.com

3. Did you know that you can read partially of the book..Check here http://books.google.com/ .

For example type keyword "pregnancy sucks" and you will be surprised to see the book preview of "Pregnancy Sucks : What to Do When Your Miracle makes You Miserable by Joanne Kimes, Sanford A. Tisherman" for almost 20 pages - because I read review said the book is funny, so thats why I just try to check preview at the above link

BUT not all book available for preview..it depends

4. You can make a list books to buy..visit

Kinokuniya - http://bookweb.kinokuniya.co.jp/indexohb.cgi?AREA=05
MPH - http://mphonline.com/welcome/welcome.aspx

You can buy online and they also can deliver to your doorstep

5. In case your book do not available at the store, you always can contact customer service. At first I thought to buy from overseas but afraid the book will not reached, not sure there will be custom issue and of course delivery rates will be charged.

So I decided to contact Kinokuniya thru email asking three books by stating book and author...

Within same day they reply and quote the price for two available books..Not to mention I also add another two books available at the store..so two book reserved, and two special ordered..It makes my life easier *no need to look ups and downs at the bookstore*

6. Kinokuniya requested my contact no...and guess what I received below sms to confirm the book arrives

7. Collect and pay the books. In case you want them to deliver it, just contact them back..surely they will help...*I need short trip for window shopping treatment..so opt to collect myself*

Last but not lease, PLEASE retain the book receipts for tax claim and filing purpose.

That's all..hope someone can benefited from this entry

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