19 August, 2011

Baby and family outdoor photoshoot pictures...

I have purchased the customised photo magnet and need to select few best pictures..

So while looking to CD, I know that I owe the final output of our Family Outdoor Photoshoot as promised here..since I only post one picture here during our photoshoot

Details as follows:
Date : 09.04.2011
Time : 10 - 11 am
Venue : Taman Wetland (Pusat Rekreasi Air), Putrajaya
Theme : Casual, red

Afham just turn 1 year 1 month and 2 days during the photoshoot, while myself pregnant 29 weeks 3 days.

Pics below might not in the best reso since I have edited a lil bit...*kang xlepas nk upload..so kita adjust2 sikit la*

Family in red

Saya ada 2 batang gigi di bawah..nampak tak?

Boleh tak jd model Baby Kiko?

Ball is my fav

Nah....baling bola ni jauh2

Family pic

Nak pilih green ke red?

Merenung masa depan

Best jugak berposing dpn camera ni ek ayah & ibu....

Lihat diriku..ada tanduk..korg ada?

Posing ini mmg untk sembunyikan perut ayah dan ibu..hihiihi

Small + big feets

Bestnya kena lambung...LOL

So for those not sure whether to take baby and family pics, I think it will be worth if you take it..plus nowadays there is promo from Milkadeal, Groupon so on *tp hang kena rajin check la kan?* ..So just grab and pose! *erk I just think when Alif turns 1..we should have another photoshoot..boleh tak abg?*

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