09 January, 2012

I want to become Brittani ANTM...

Ada gaya model tak? kenangan makeover dulu di sini

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Phew..tajuk mcm ape kan? Ape ingat org sume kata dh kurus blh la jd model ala2 mcm Brittani ANTM tu?

No..no..(haha...bnyk part lemak2, mana sesuai jd model kan? stretch mark pun segan nk ilang)

Its actually new haircut. As this is 2nd time postpartum hair loss, I could expect it earlier...so of course I have no worries about it, it just something predictable

While thinking and asked permission from husband to get new haircut...he answered me like this "potong mcm Brittani lah..." *yes he knows Brittani, he even knew Kim Kardashian bercerai sdgkan myself br terkedek2 nk tau..*

And when we had our conversation it was almost to the finale. And when the finale aired on TV husband do not watched it since dia kena temankan Afham tdo *that's why above picture bkn dr google tp mmg amik dpn tv..sbb tak sabar nk tnjk gmbr haircut Brittani*

Anyway, I already had my haircut..Does it turn like Brittani? Scroll down

Yes..its "Brittani" Zu =p *psl tu le xde gmbr haircut...*
tp still something new..pakai inner 3tone-slanting style..ok tak?

I noticed a lot of new mother worries about postpartum hair loss. My humble advice :-
1. get a new hair cut..keep it short, dh pendek2 maka yg gugur tu takle nmpk banyak sgt sbb rambut tu pendek2
2. ok2 maybe org kata pemalas..but sy sikat rambut bila rasa perlu
3. takde pakai syampu specific, still guna syampu yg sama
4. be patient..its temporary, but if it really serious silala ke Yun-Nam-Hair-Care
5. husband komplen banyak rambut gugur? gelak2 sajalah ye...erk husband komplen smbl tangan laju je kutip2 dan buang rambut (thank u abg!)

Last but not least enjoy the-motherhood-episode-rambut-gugur-merata...this is part and partial of the journey!

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zu dah kurusss...jelessss

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