26 January, 2012

Proposal : Celebrating 3 years of anniversary

Dear husband,

Less than 2 months we will celebrate our 3rd anniversary. So I’m thinking to have a celebration for this year.

We do not celebrate 1st year as we just get our lil Afham, 2nd year plak I’m in pregnancy mood.

So I just think this is the perfect year to celebrate, at least we have some moments to be remembered later. I knew I'm not good in giving surprise so on, so I hope you don’t mind with this arrangement (nak wat cmner...terigin nk bg suprise tp klu beli barang naik kereta sure la gak nmpk barang...)

At first I thought to have just two of us having our dating time on the anniversary day itself, but after considering that I need to pump my milk at least twice (plus beg susu with all those ice packs...) hmm lecehla plak..so I hope you don’t mind if we celebrate it together with Afham & Alif

Below are the proposal plan:
1. Take a day leave on 14.3.2012 Wednesday
2. Have our family photoshoot @ whiteroom for one hour session
3. Eat, buffet lunch at XYZ
4. Jalan2
5. Balik

I do not disclose further details here, but please read ur email (it’s the same except the email have more details with draft plan (with estimated travelling time))

I hope you will agree with this proposal. I knew that you will read my blog, but afraid you’ll overlook email. So to be safe I post here and send the email as well.

Oh ya, the arrangement will be done by me (plus the bill!). No surprise thingy, but all arrangement purely done with love.

Any disagreement (or to change tempat makan) kindly inform ASAP

Your wife


Diyana Didie said...

nice story. dah ada anak, tak salah bawak mereka. happy anniversary! ;)

Diyana Didie said...

nice. celebrate dgn anak anak pon okay. happy anniversary! ;)

p!nkerton said...

wah bestnya dah ada plan for anniversary! i pun kena start plan jugak la mcm ni, thn ni 5th anni so kena beriya sikit from prev years ;p (tula, nak gi dating berdua pun susah kan ;p pikir anak la, pikir nak pump la.. hihi)

JR® (22) said...

salam... hepi bw here. nice blog... ;)

Sheikh Norirman Shah Bin Sheikh Noordin said...

abg da bace.. thanks syg.. hmmmmmm.. mcam kertas pasir.. hehe

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