14 November, 2009

Dapur senang bersama ms tepung

For few days not blogginng..the reason being busy here and there, besides friday is packing day as finance team has relocated to downstair (owh kenapa keje asik suka relocate; only 1st job aje I do not have to move..pack-unpack..hate this ) and furthemore office blocked all the social community ~ I am lazy to bring broadband and surf during lunch hour...

Ya puan2 sblm ini anda bersama 2 org pengacara cina untuk Dapur Senang..

Today, is special appearance of ms tepung for Dapur Senang

We have 3 menu here (resepi sila google aje)

Being a kuli di ofis-isteri-tukang masak-and so on really struggling esp on weekdays. And even tho Malaysia-Syurga-Makanan, it doesn't meant that hari2 makan di kedai..

And some more, cook at home is much more healthier, cleaner and of course sila lah tawan perut kekanda2 anda ~ yg nk kawen xyah sibuk2 practice masak dan jadikan housemates anda sbgai mangsa sbbnya lps kawen otomatic anda akan rasa responsible dan nk jugak masak untk suami anda....dan jika bernasib baik suami akan ternanti2 masakan anda

Ok back to dapur senang, today's menu is chicken...My recipe limited to sup-kari-kurma-goreng-masak kicap-masak merah-asam pedas...

Then since timing is the biggest constraint ~ tau2 jelah KL jem..so the best option is to cook something simple but nice to eat..

And introducing the recipe for dapur senang

ayam kunyit

ayam padprik

ayam sambal ~ ni resepi sendiri campak2 je

Looking forward to cook ayam halis, kung pao, black peper

Oh ya before I missed something, for those like to try aroma ikan bakar and not sure how long the journey will take from the starting point, you can use google maps > get direction > key in point A (ur home/starting point) > key in point B (in this case Pantai Jeram)...you will get the estimated journey (but pls consider also traffic, sesat, speeding and so on)

Happy weekend!

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Fathiyah said...

kte pun baru try msk ayam paprik.sukses!suka2 =) yalah,bila dah kawen ni,rs bersalah kalo tgk suami tak mkn.mst nak msk punye lah

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