09 November, 2009

Ketam oh ketam...the successful story of JJCM

I would like to thank those give comments to my previous entry for the idea sesi-makan-ketam..

And finally we managed to visit...

Aroma Ikan Bakar, Pantai Jeram
~ bknkah mostly suggest Bagan Lalang or Muara?

The main reason encik suami has been to Muara, while myself have been to Bagan Lalang (uhuks lps org komen br leh recall pernah pegi few years back)..none of us have tried Pantai Jeram seafood..~ yg sebenar kuasa veto ibu mengandung hihi

This is our very first time to Pantai Jeram..even tho it call as pantai it is not meant to swim...the only thing we can do is have a sunset view and makan-puas-sampai-kenyang-dan jgn lupa sediakan duit secukupnya...

Lets have a view...

Disclaimer : for those fasting today (sunat/ganti) pls dont scroll more...takut makruh..and for mak2 buyung I am not responsible if there is super-craving-seafood happened after reading this..phew mcm food review gempak sugguh pdhal not-expert-gastronomic-seafood-review pun..and jika ingin ke sana hujung minggu ini sila lah sabar banyak2 sbb hari ni baru hari Isnin..hihi ~ saje je dera nafsu korang

22 weeks of pregnancy

sblm ketam enter-d-frame, bg peluang kat dua org JJCM posing dl

price list + masak2 style...mcm2 ada

hasil tangkapan : kerapu-1,sotong-4, kembung-2,udang-15+-,ketam-2..all only for 2 person yg nk mkn besar

kembung bakar

kailan ikan masin

siakap 3 rasa

sotong goreng tepung

udang goreng tepung

semestinya ketam

The place is consider clean. Have surau and toilets. Service quite good...the only thing is half of the place is being reserved...yg direserve sume tempat yg betul2 hadap pantai.. (maybe we came month end and it was just 6+pm....) I bet if you want to come a little bit late please consider to make early booking

Food was great! ~erk sila consider I am not fussy about food..spesis x tolak makan2 nih. Encik suami claimed that udang+sotong goreng tepung here "lagi best dr muara"

The price we paid for all..was RM 88.40

if you asked brapa berat each seafoods, xtau..yg tau amik2 je

For the map to Aroma Ikan Bakar Pantai Jeram, kindly download the map here http://seaviewresort.com.my/ (pls download both..since you need it both)

I have edited here for the exact location of Aroma Ikan Bakar (from the above link refer to map to Kuala Selangor)

Last but not least for reservation kindly contact Mohd Naim 017 3163117, Hazura 019 2084452 ~ erm kami xdpt diskaun pun just tolong promo

Happy JJCM for seafood lover!


ღnFashyaღ said...

penah g cni dulu b4 kawen..makanan die mmg best...tempat pon best jugak...:)

Fathiyah said...

misi sudah sukses ye ;) hehe
awak,brape lama drive to pantai jeram ni ye?
mmg ni kes dera tau.terliur aje.nsb baik tgk lps buka posa.hehe

fikaryna79 said...

dap nyer..nyum2..

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