23 January, 2010

24 hours is not enough [not only to b2b but also for mum2b]

Life so hectic very lately....so busy with never-ending-works....good thing - learn new things, but not so good thing - i'm sooo tired

Yesterday I should be on one day leave...taking leave purposely to register at the chosen hospital and start packing hospital bag...and the rest kemas2 pe2 yg ptt...check anything still need to prepare..read and read books and so on

However, my boss made special request the day before ; if I manage to finish early for the registration, she would be grateful if I sms and asked her if she still needs me to come for help..

Since the registration didn't take too long and I sms her and she would be thankful if I come...okeh2 since considering next tuesday I need to come back to the hospital for some sesi-suai-kenal dgn doktor { ececeh sedap2 je bg nama...}, so yesterday I work for half day...with some of collegue asked me..bukan u cuti kah?

Later I will blog about the hospital that we decided where our baby will be deliver...it is something that I do not know at first until sesi google...and of course the chosen hospital is baby friendly {Insya Allah my mission is to be bf mummy....}

Hmm...to be frank I have a lot of things stucked...and EDD is near....aiyoh sometimes feel like 24 hours is not enough..and I do not have a lot of energy...mak letih...yes the big limitation for pregnant and all the hormones..terlalu banyak nk buat but not enough energy...

Next week the girl whom will replace me for temporary will come....Gosh, besides to make sure I finished important2 works, I still need to explain and doin some workshadow with this new girl { pray very hard that this girl is super-genies-cepat-faham....}

Nevermind I have to sacrifice my time for work since my maternity leave is 3 months..Again 3 months...and it is fully paid leave {since the co still do not have policy to pay for the maternity costs..xpa quality time is good compared to maternity cost covered}

Last but not least before pen off, share one of the video that we watched when we at breastfeeding class...video on baby latch

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Zety Zin said...

banyak2 kan rest okeh. jangan stress2. nanti baby pon stress. weh aku akan jadi cheerleader sokong ko utk bf. :)

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