15 January, 2010

B Buckles

Being pregnant, most of the bodies part will change....Boob, bumps, and so on...

And of course you have to start thinking to add new clothes...

I remembered that last time I wrote about belly belt. But till 8 month of pregnancy, I do not buy any single of it...the reason I am a lazy person to put belly belt...I prefer sarung seluar dan secepat mungkin keluar rumah..

Besides belly belt, I found B Buckles (above video)...and almost thinking of buying it (hormon inbalance..maybe looking to the model seems having happy and stylo pregnant vs in reality myself yg serabai..uhuks)..but if not mistaken B buckles not available in M'sia

So stick to $$$ and comfortability, I just wear maternity jeans and slacks...all bought from Jusco specific cop Scarlet...(again kedai2 pregnant shopping mall jual mahal..)

Most of officemates (yg pompuan2la) asked me how come I still can jeans to office ?
(friday is casual in my office :))

So for those wonder how it look alike..its almost similar with normal jeans except I has extra material on the top (tgk gmbr bawah....xcukup sila la melawat Jusco..hihihi)


shadashidi said...

byk nk spend money if pregnant kan.
kalo kite pakai apa yang selesa je..yang penting i`m look pretty + selesa..huhu

m@Ri@ said...

em ramai member kije pelik bila tgk maria pakai jeans time preggy..ramai gak yg tak tau psl jeans pregnant ni..esp lelaki..;)..so kena explain kt diorg..heheh..

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