20 January, 2010

Something special ...esp for ladies

I consider this entry as special. But please don’t expect a giveaway (unless korang tolong click banyak2 kat segala iklan2 dlm blog nih +p)

Remember that last time I went for antenatal class? at KJMC (yes there is a lot of info that I want to share..even I know it most of the participants dh pun delivered…except me kot since I’m attending it at my 2nd trimester…)

Yes it is not compulsory to attend antenatal class and most of the information during the class can be accessed via ur visit to ur gynea + reading + gossip2 di pantry + so on… ,but I believe if you have some time why not? At least ur husband aware some important things (pls dun expect lelaki baca sume2 info pregnancy, delivery, babies ni…guys,jgn kecik ati).

But I think it never too late to share some useful infos..not only for those in mummy-to-be club but also for the ladies and guys

I found one of the class participant also have blog bout it earlier..click here for some of her important point

{mod gigih menulis ni, notes in red is my comment. if certain thing not sure sila la google+tanya pakar since I might be wrong}

-try to avoid coffee, tea during pregnancy as the baby growth might be slower. have a hi-fibre diet during pregnancy [reality, pregnant slalu bantai makan puas2 layan tekak...mine, still controlled esp encik suami...ayaq milo sejuk pun xbg minum...]

-make sure u already have rubella injection before start ur pregnancy plan [sila la recall balik dh amik ke blom]
- after 28 weeks of pregnancy, placenta will produce hormone will might cause u feel hungry [i have to agree since very laBoldtely i am hungry and hungry and hungry...but the good thing since to get goreng pisang, ubi ketuk harusla jalan jauh, so i just having cream crackers from pantry]
- average baby weight is around 2.8 - 3.2kg
- after 28 weeks have to control food intake [hihi time ni hormon makan dtg time ni gak kena control...sabaq]
- trimester 1: 1-12, 2: 13-28, 3: 29-40weeks
- anemia can caused maternal health. should have hemoglobin of 11
-32 weeks onward or even earlier you have cramps due to insufficient calcium. in case u do not like to consume milk, just take calcium tablets
- heartburn is usually around 28weeks above, try to have small but frequent meal and reduce spicy food intake
- 3 stage of labour
1st, show - red mucus, blood, air ketuban pecah, contraction
2nd, cerviv open 3-10cm, delivery
3rd, keluarkan uri
- breastfeeding is not easy but not impossible
- stretch mark? pls do not spend for super-expensive cream...just moisturized it with cream, lotion, or even baby oil...bak kata gynea tu...stretch mark tu tanda anda seorg ibu

- family planning - pils; mercilon, noriday, normal; breastfeed, injection,IUCD
- not so effective family planning - condom; male/ female, safe period, cream
-pap smear - the best time is after period, try to do it once in 1-2 years
- common baby problem
1. skin-rash,dry,scalp, nappy
2.regurgitation- spit up
3. feeding
4. sleeping pattern [cth baby xmo tdo]
5. passing motion eg greenish stool
6. colic
7.jaundice. the word jaundice is from french wording joune - yellow [tanya FM france betul ke? nanti dia tnya balik dlm BM ape...]
8. acne, drooling rash due to breastfeed, milia

- for jaundice 3 rules applied - can jemur next to window but make sure eye covered, 20 minutes, around 7.30-9.30am [ the doctor mentioned in medic always have 3, trimester, 3stages, 3 rule..]
-side effect of jaundice - brain damaged, hearing effect, cerebral palsy
- like milia, parents pls do not worry too much since slowly it will disappear...so pls do not spend to have cream so on
- national jab - BCG, Hep B, DPT-2,3,5, Polio, MMR.....
- optional jab - rotavirus, pheunomucal, chicken pox, Hep A....[salah eja ada kot...mahap malas nk gogel]
- when to see doctor? baby not moving, less than a month and sick, less than 12 weeks 100.4 degree F, blister.....last but not least pls follow mother instinct [ so bapak2 sila la dgr rayuan wifey2 anda]

The rest....my notes filled up with encik suami drawings....

For those might have no idea how to attend antenatal class, just check with the hospital that u planned to deliver. Govt also have this class but if not mistaken usually on working days. So as alternative just check with private hospital like Pantai, KJMC, DEMC, and so on. The fees ranges from rm80-100 percouple, and some even free (depends on hospital)


shadashidi said...

good info :)
thank you for sharing

sya said...

hi, i would like to stress, if kite amek rubella jab tu, kene minimum 3 bulan gap baru boleh mengandung, sebab, nanti die akan effect baby, ade possibility boleh jadi cacat, so, sila la merancang betul betul =)

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