21 July, 2010

Postnatal : Hair loss

I have a big problem right now, and after reading others I really want to consider it as normal thing..it is hair loss

Ok..belum botak lagi..it just day by day mesti nmpk segumpal rambut. And sometimes I cannot concentrate doing my work...hair along with the files. tu blm part masuk toilet asik nmpk rambut kat tudung so on..

Balik rumah, encik suami surely said almost everywhere he surely saw my hair...owh2. Belek2 Afham pun, sah2 nmpk rambut...Almost everywhere hair-rambut...hmmm

After reading mommies experiences, mostly said it will be temporary 1-2 months, but it still depends on hormone level.

For temporary, I have to be patient and if by next month still I'm having this problem I will asked my gynea or worst come to worst maybe I need to visit Yun Nam maybe?

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shadashidi said...

ada juga terdengar rambut pasti gugur slps melahirkan...

ada yg ckp due to hormone and kata org tua dulu2 sbb bb suka main air liur...but not sure..hehe

saya kena bersiap sedia dari sekarang la agar x terkezut!!

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