30 July, 2010

Panic attack

I have set reminder in my phone to check my MIA application. However only this morning I tried to find out the set of application form copies, their cover letter of acceptance the application and also receipt....All gone..Pufff...panik sudah haram xjumpa pe2. (Eh harus panik sbb udah bayar RM750...password sume2 tu kat kertas2 tu)

Then another problem because rumah skrg mcm tongkang..Maka sah2la pencarian express pagi ini tidak ketemu apa2. Yes it is important because as soon as I know that I am CA, I can update resume and do necessary

Ok2..while updating here I check my email (sape suh bnyk sgt email akaun..kena dig sume), and finally at least I manage to find email from MIA (clap2..sape suh xpasal2 panik....)

Haih..inilah gara2 terlalu banyak fikir...terlalu pening...to organise personal, family, work and so on


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