28 July, 2010

Pening....jadual waktu please..

Kitchen cabinet in progress
Pergh..kalau dapat lampu atas tu mmg cun seh

Later I will blog about kitchen cabinet...Yes its already started but still juggling their timetable with our timing (xkan nk bagi kunci kat diorg kan..still need somebody to stay at home)

I cannot take leave until 9 Aug, because of month end closing..while encik suami also have some assignment...I know the contractor is very punctual (ekeke hari tu janji kul 9.30am, 9.27 sudah sampai okeh...). So need to align everything (nasib baik dapat quotation siap masuk plumbing and plug...sonang sikit deal ngan 1 contractor)

Now its almost Ramadhan and this is first time as family..(taun lepas Afham dlm perut lagi..so xde masalah nk align jadual sume)

So this morning I have nicely create so called "jadual Ramadhan". The purpose to align working hours, nursery time, breaking fast. Wallah!! Seems pretty hard..but we might need to try and error for first few days (plus dapur xtau dah siap ke idak by puasa)

Jadual waktu keluarga 81

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Intan said...

Salam Raihan :)

Waaa Raihan pon tgh wat KC gak ye :D

Nie kira KC raya lah kan...bestnya!

Nanti dah siap jgn lupa update kat CARI forum kay ;)

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