13 July, 2010

For mum 2 be : How ur baby will look alike

{This entry is just for fun by using technology}

Last time I try to figure out how my baby will look alike. (sat no korek2 carik ..ok refer entry ni)...

Yes all the pregnancy hormone drove me crazy..thehehe..plus 3d, 4d scan mcm segan2 je

Ok..now I can compare ....comment of course xsama lansung..ekeke, nama pun suka suki je buat

Besides the above website, I also try another website. But to my disappoinment, the baby is look alike Indian baby. So I do not post the result of gedik2 tgn ibu mengandung.

Then, few weeks ago I am a little bored so I tried again and the result as below

Anak sapa la ni?
Ehem2 adakah ini muka adik afham nanti?

For mum to be, yes u also can tried it urself at makemebabies.com and also morphthing.com. Makemebabies.com is super fast and easy since u just need to upload photos and wait, while for morpthing.com u need to do extra works plus it will take few minutes

Anyone have tried it after reading my post, I'm really happy if you can drop comment here..so that I can visit ur blog..

P/S: I want to blog more frequently, but end up tersadai..mcm mana ye?

P/S2 : Mum to be, new mum, mum..mari exchange link... {nasib ada referer.org bolehla pi melawat balik tp sorry la x sempat nk komen, bz bz bz..tp baca jugak tau}


Mike Hamilton said...

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Triple R said...
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Triple R said...

hahahahaha...... Funny.... Never thought that you are so funny....

Later I will follow your blog closely! :)

Raihan, mana ko dapat wallpaper for the blog? Aku baru2 nak belajar mem'blog'.... There are a lot of things to be learn... hope you could guide me...

Jehan Najib said...

aritu ada try buat sbl Nia lahir. mmg lain & pelik sgt2 result nye... skali kluar, baby girl sebijik muka abah dia.. hihihi

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