22 December, 2008

Part V: Big day..all about wedding

Lets continue..

Mak andam
Usually it will comes in package, from basic to extravaganza…some might take from few peoples to cater the wedding dreams…take make up artist, tukang gubah hantaran, tukang pelamin + bilik tidur + meja makan…

But if take from pakej the cost will be accordingly with the range of services provided. Besides bear in mind usually the package for house lower compared to dewan (even balai raya will have the same package as dewan..). It started from almost 1k to 4k or even more

Some basic guidelines when you meet mak andam *very rough..and the question will depends on ur situation…maybe even korang2 lagik terror..ni based on saya yg tak berexperience*

1. Don’t be shy to ask question…ask as many as you can… even asked stupid question *sbb bukan murah.. *
2. Make sure the date has been confirmed. So that please inform them when you planned to get married *since mak andam takes few jobs,,,so end up you might need to find others..*
3. Inform location for the big day..house, dewan, hotel, FRIM, garden, beach…*as maybe they have specific package according to the place..dewan, balai raya lebihla charge…*
4. Inform them how much your budget…as they can advice accordingly. Inform them you want to hire them for solemnization, reception, bertandang, or just simple kenduri..
5. Asked what kind of accessories that they can give FOC….since certain will charge even for single things likes bantal nikah, tempak cocok bunga pahar..
6. Baju pengantin..lace, songket?..for new clothes usually they will charged extra
7. Baju persalinan…*if you want ot become heroin Hindustan, bertukar baju dlm masa 1 lagu yg panjang* usually it will not be in the package..might charge 100-150 per clothes
8. Make up…how much if additional make up required..of any touch up
9. Dais (pelamin) what design they can offer..some will have extra charge for the extravaganza pelamin, or fresh flower version…
10. Deco for bilik pengantin…asked what they can give..bedsheet, backdrop, deco, flowers, full deco or partial
11. Deco for makan beradap….usually the design will suit the dais…full deco or partial?
12. Henna…sure they provide but this will not be in the package
13. Deposit…term and condition
14. Fitting..when?

Once confirmed, paid the specified deposit and follow up with them..
If you do not have any ideas yet for the concept + colour, you always can asked them…
Try to be friend with them..contact them from time to time..so at least everything will be ok towards your big day

If you have booked, but still no idea how it will be for the theme…u can get advice from mak andam…

Some extra question also can be asked like:-
Tudung/ viel – you might want to have tudung batu2..or any extra tudung…you have to buy urself
Accessories – rantai leher (L &P), gelang tangan, crown, brooch, subang, pin tudung, brooch kat tengkolok, cekak spider
Bunga tangan/ pegang - artificial or fresh flower
Flower arches – artificial, fresh, deco simple, sarat
Hiasan tangga – net with flower or simple
Others –bantal nikah, alas dulang, dulang, pahar for bunga telur, kipas pengantin, payung, alas kaki, kelengkapan merenjis, keris, pistol???

My experience..I have hard times to find mak andam since I’m not from bandar2 besar…so its like very difficult to find info from the internet…Bayangkan all the key words has been used – mak andam segamat, kedai pengantin segamat, kedai kahwin segamat, andaman segamat, butik pengantin segamat and many mores

To my disappointment the info is not enuff…maybe they still not doing enough marketing online…so here the list that I have *hopefully it can help bride to be from segamat..ejaan maybe not accurate tapi asal dengar2 mcm betul okla kan?*

Najuan , atas bus stand segamat
Sara Hani, nearby Upwell
Butik Kay’s Idaman nearby Jambatan ke 2
Trio Cantique, Medan MARA
Butik Perkahwinan Normah, Medan MARA
Hanie, Taman Yayasan , Buloh Kasap
Ellyna Bridal, Bukit Siput

Which one I choose…wait until my big day..

To arrange where rombongan keluarga pengantin lelaki will stayed..rumah jiran terdekat, hotel, rumah tumpangan?

Etc cetera
This will be part of the list as esp the wedding takes place at your family’s house…Curtain,tkar getah, carpet, cat, deco…such as flowers

On top of that penunjuk jalan, bunga manggar

Besides cost for kerja2 merewang…usually it will involves foods cost…

It is advisable to put extra 1 to 3k for budget as we might terbabas berbelanja….so to be save put extra money as anything can happen

OK sesi cuci mata pula..here the pics taken when encik tunang and me attending Chinese reception for David and Lee Chin *dh jadik ex collegue la…sbb she married few weeks before my last day*
*the place*
*the guests...*
*bride, groom, bridesmaid...*

*lee chin look stunning in red..should I choose red as well for me..hahaha me ; the confused bride to be*


Dayu said...

klau JB pun susah nak carik dlm internet, apa kan pulak segamat kan..
tp kamu mmg benar
memilih mak andam adalah sgt susah
in my case, maybe mekap ngan org lain
baju ngan kedai lain
sebab i dh specific kan baju yg i nak
so kena choosy skit

~ms tepung~ said...

huhu sbb peniaga xmampu nk hire IT person to do their marketing..maka bride to be la kena tolong promote kot...

gg said...

hehehe....x pe kalau mak andam x de online,photographer segamat ada..

awak boleh layari www.kekatu.com


gems said...

ade phone number utk sumer mak andam yg u dah survey 2 x?
i pon tgah survey mak andam as my wedding on dec dis year..
email me pls..

~ms tepung~ said...

gems ~ huhu x nmpk emeil u..
hopefully u read this comment back...
email me to gitps@yahoo.com, nnt sy reply balik (kena korek2 balik no phone)

mynameismy said...

salam. ade contact number tak for all butik pengantin kat ats tu?

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