20 December, 2008

Part IV: Big day..all about wedding

Remember last time when I have headache with all the problems in my heads…yes slowly I have adapted with the things and some even have quite good progress..Alhamdulillah...*dun worry as I will update my wedding update soon*

This is continuation of part 4 which I have written about foods
The higher the cost per head the more foods will be serving. As catering much more popular you might need to have food tasting before choose the caterer. Some even serve with lauk kampong and variety of desserts.

Besides that lauk meja pengantin also have to be taken into list *as usually the foods and food deco here more extravaganza but the bride and groom not even able to eat it..since sesi control ayu sedang berlaku..hehehe*

If there is cake cutting session, it is also to put in the list to choose either cake/ cup cake or pulut kuning for the session.

What is the relation of entertainment with wedding? Yes…you might want to have an MC for the events, besides music and PA systems…including karaoke *maybe the bride/ groom/ families will become penyanyi bidan terjun*

If have more budget you can have artiste or local band…since Malaysia have a lot of entertainer *isk2 sooo many reality shows for entertainer….*

To be more religious, you can choose marhaban group or even nasyid group *budak sekolah agama biasanya ada team nasyid yg best*

Not to mention you might want to have kompang mp3, but of course the real sound from local kompang group will be great…*maybe the bride and groom heartbeat is same with the kompang…? Dunno maybe until I feel it..*

Or nowadays the most popular terms goodie bags with lots of selection. Last time if you remember when it comes to kenduri kahwin we always received egg in pink tissue paper or in the colorful shiny paper *tak tau nk kata pe? Kertas kilat2 tuh*

But the trend has changed *which actually will be more costly, bak kata ayah sapelah yg create benda paper bag ni, menyusahkan...*

Berkat can be chocolates, sweets, cakes, baulu, jeli, bunga telur, potpouri, cup cakes, handkerchiefs or anythings….it can be simple or extravaganza or varieties in the paper bag.Some even differentiate the berkat *usually it will be more special for the rombongan yg menghantar pengantin…*

Which one to choose? Tepuk dada tanya poket…

Group of people to help for the wedding
You might not have wedding planner, but usually there will be majlis meletak kerja *ni bahasa kampungnya la* Whereby in the meeting it will be some sort of giving the tasks for the day… Penanggah, kumpulan wanita UMNO to help serving the foods, tukang buat air, potong buah, tukang basuh pinggan et cetera….

Usually they will be given with corsage with money RM1 to RM 5 as they are important!! *kalau pinggan xbasuh, penanggah tak isi lauk…mau terjejas majlis kan?*


Dayu said...

ye...ye..sape lah yg create paper bag ni smua, membazir, merugikan
maka, i nak create something new
tak yah guna paper bag
plastic bag TQ sudah *jimat adalah penting disini ye*

luckily masih ada sistem penanggar di kg ku itu
sewa kanopi dan meja kerusi dr balai raya, hanya bayar tak lebih rm100 sebab parent adalah ahli UMNO...

adik2 ku yg asyik suka memetik gitar akan diupah secara minimum untk menghibur hari tu nanti
amat leceh mengurskan majlis kawin kan

miss ash said...

ape kate guna bag yang macam recycle bag tu. tak silap saiz dia lagi kecik.

~ms tepung~ said...

dayu...haha ingat kita sorg yg fikir sape yg create paper bag nih

wah adik2 dayu jadi entertainer..dh jimat kos..*adakah saya kena agree ngan sepupu2 yg nk menyanyi nnt*

miss ash...oho ni anak murid adikku la h kan...tgk la camner nk guna pe..sume duit...

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