15 December, 2008

Facts and fun : Bukit Tinggi, Pahang

No ideas where to go for vacation? My suggestion; take some time and read my writing till end...As this entry will be all about Bukit Tinggi, Pahang. Who knows, you might want to visit it from my writing for your own reason(s); honeymoon, baby-moon, anniversary, outdoor wedding photo session, jalan2 makan angin..or anything..

For encik tunang, thank you very much..your idea to visit here was really great..*Actually we do some research before visit this place, but I do not find solid writing about Bukit Tinggi, instead just a nice pics*

Due to the above reason, I will write as many as I can and know about Bukit Tinggi, Pahang *urm besides I think not so many people realized this place..as we only know Cameron Highland and Genting for Pahangs's attraction*

Let allow me to become your tourist guide *ahaks...free tourist guide*

From Kuala Lumpur, it will take about 45 minutes driving. You need to take exit 805. Yes it is not far away from Genting Sempah. For map click here

There are few attraction at Bukit Tinggi, Pahang. Click here for the map

Our journey started from France and after few hours to Japan :p ..*you can choose either point actually..*

For us we started from Colmar Tropicale. Kindly take note that up to this entry Chateau De Colmar is not yet open to public. Colmar is 2,700 feet above sea level. A unique and charming French-themed attraction Colmar Tropicale inspired by the famous 16th century Colmar Village in Alsace, France.

One entrance fee will cost RM 10 for adult and RM 8 for kid. This ticket is for entrance for Colmar Tropicale and Japanese Village.

You will need to park the car - Convention Centre 1 and have a brisk walk to the Colmar Tropicale. You will see the art of two birds which actually gift from the Regional Council from Alsace, France

The main attraction here is of course Colmar itself. There are also gift shop, prayer room, video game arcade, swans *black and white..but be careful as the swan might end up bite ur hips..hihi...* etc...

Take your own sweet time to tour and do not forget to go to the tower which you can see overall view of Colmar *since we do not any chance to go to the room unless we rent it for a night..which will cost hundreds ..visit one of the link here for the hotel rate*

There are few restaurant here and the price might slightly higher compared to Kenny Rogers, Pizza Hut *actually it is hard to find food here, so end up you might need to eat at any of the restaurant here..* We have our spicy garlic crabmeat pizza at La Fi Amme..so yummylicious

From Colmar, you can choose to have a shuttle ride to Japanese Village. The shuttle is provided for free *check from the schedule there..it will be more frequent for Saturday, Sunday and public holiday* Please make sure that you keep the entrance ticket *as mention earlier the RM10 ticket is for Colmar and Japanese park*

Japanese park 3,500 feet above sea level. At the left side are Japanese Garden, Japanese Tea House, Tatami Spa, Umi Tatami Spa.

You will feel a little bit cold and at the same time you will experience a green Japanese concept view..there are mini waterfall, waiting house, koi fish swimming, and it is totally relaxing experience.

If you have extra money you might want to rent a kimono and have a tea session at the Japanese Tea House. It will cost about RM20 for half and hour kimono rental *yes you can takes picture as many as you can as long as you paid* For the tea session it will cost you RM28 per person for the session. We decided not to have any of it as we really enjoy the green walk
Move to right hand side there are Souvenir Shop, Ryo Zan Tei Restaurant, Botanical Garden

Botanical Garden is quite big. As you might need to walk about 1km *huhu we also do not visit it all over, as it is really tiring* You might seen a lot...Pink Quill, Angel's Trumput, morning glory, flowers, and many mores...

From souvenir shop, there are few souvenirs that you might want to buy to bring home. I have bought Kokeshi Doll, the most popular traditional folk-crafts in Japan.

Last but not least, we have visited Rabbit Park. Per entry will cost RM 3 for adult/child which not only for rabbit but also including deer and donkey. You need to buy the rabbit food if you want feed the rabbit, RM1.50 per small packet.

To our disappointment, it started to rain when we arrived *and also my camera batteries weak..only managed to snap few pics here and the rest using hp* ...so we only see the rabbit running to save themselves from rain..

After a while, the rain stopped and we managed to walk and see there is an area for quarantine rabbits *they are running all over the cage* . Even you also will find a new born rabbit, 1 to 4 months rabbits...so cute!!

Opss actually you can have posing(s) with the rabbits. It is similar how you hold a cat...but almost the rabbit here is so big *even seems sooo fragile compared to cat..this is in my opinion ok?*

You also can take donkey and deer pictures..

We are at the end of the tour *actually we do not explore 100%, but still, a worth it trip:)...yes the pics show the joy..and we have taken 300+ pics..*

Readers, you can explore to horse trails, sport complex and more places there..tell me more if you visit other than above place...pstt click here for the operating hours of the places as it is not open 24 hours…

So what do you think? ..visit Bukit Tinggi this week....as you able to travel to Japan and France in only 1 day!

Till then...meet me again in upcoming Budget Destination *not sure when, maybe after my honeymoon ???* For the larger view some of the pics, click here


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