01 December, 2008

Take a break : France and Japan in 24 hours

Dear readers,

I am happily to announce that this is my 100th entry for this blogspot. Besides, I just finished transferring all the old entries from my old blog to this blogspot *have some times to read it..and besides I do not transfer 100% due to personal reason..*

Besides, as celebrating my 100th entry, I have created one poll *kindly participate esp for those read my blog frequently..the counting is not accurate as I just randomly test it*

It relates to my big day and I have decided to have a ticker..*oho we used to have this countdown feeling, but last time it will be seen from white/blackboard for UPSR, PMR, SPM* I have decided not to disclose the date, instead this ticker will help to count until the day..

As token for your participation and appreciation for reading up to this 100th entry, I have decided to post few nice pics taken during my 24 hours travel to France and Japan *ok, I know that I couldn't afford to visit that countries, but somehow I still have a little bit view...*

Scroll down and enjoy pics during my visit to Bukit Tinggi, Pahang. For the next entry, I will write more facts *plus pics* all about Bukit Tinggi


Colmar Tropicale

Japanese Village : Japanese Garden

Japanese Village : Botanical Garden

Rabbit Park

With love and cheers,
~ms tepung~


HEMY said...

cam best gak tmpt ni..hehe..lenkali la try gi

tea_cHeer said...

hoi, ko bli handbag br ke?

~ms tepung~ said...

HEMY...best ke xbest sila pergi ;p

tea_cHeer...handbag aku x canggih coming soon handbag PH ko tuh..wakaka:)

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