06 December, 2008

Part IV: Big day..all about wedding

This will become very costly esp in KL...imagine rm5/head (even more) and times the guests...ayam masak merah, dalca, jelatah, nasi briyani, nasi minyak, sirap bandung, sirap limau, agar2, bubur kacang ijo...and too many options we have...

If the foods prepared by gotong royong it will cut the costs…but nowadays seem that catering will be easier *as long as enuff money kan* maybe because can provide few services also

Yes, all the wedding budget mostly will go here…

Uhuk..uhuks….my head really cannot think what to write about wedding entry

Adoila..suddenly I felt like to resign also from blogging adakah PMS? Pening nk kawen? Adakah takut kerja baru eventho I know that look alike Price William FM is super handsome ?*encik tunang dun kill me…because I will stare at him when he start to speak..because I really want to understand what he try to say….Couldn’t find kasut hantaran eventho its sale time? Kain baju nikah buat hal? Couldn’t decide which ticker to be use? *click here to cast ur vote before it close*…not confirm to have nikah on the same date as kenduri date? Diet series is still not working because craving sooo many things ? super series of spring cleaning – hometown plus few boxes from ex office? Am I too old to get married? Will people comment –ve after my big day? can I finish all the DIY things for my big day? too strees because other bride-to-be bloggers can have all their wedding dreams comes true while I’m still struggling here and there….?can my new employer approve my long leave for wedding after x month joining the co? which home loan to choose – flexi or fixed, which bank offer the best home loan? Can I become good wife and mother?


I have super headache….*eeeerrrr..I still have few bottles of minyak cap kapak eventho I have inherited one of it to my team members before my last day*

To be contimued later..we have script problem here inside ms tepung head and need to fix it….hopefully everything will be ok soon….

*is the script look alike above...src img=.......jpg*

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