08 August, 2008


*cuba teka sy di mana?*
What is so special about 080808. For myself is nothing..It’s just another writing…but today is most likely people will start their new life life as husband and wife. I would like to congratulate Julie and husband (ya will try to attend the recep in kl) *huhu but i still hope any miracle of 080808..hehehe*
Not much time to write since I'm rushing for something..so enjoy the pic 1st *I will add later the story*

*besday boy struggling with food???*

*jamie oliver cooking ke nih?*

*ayam dalam beg...*

*hero of the day..yummylicious*

*makan kat shower???*

*bestnya klu ada tv..lepakkks..*



*aku dh beli baju raya farah.....*

*ms soleh with the gadget*

*masa untuk makan besar...*

*pasukan bola jaring..yg disokong oleh anak buah fafau..*


farah said...

is it the apartment?teringin sangat nak mkn situ..the ambiance superb!

~ms tepung~ said...

yup farah..tu the apartment..*i have comment on it in r u stylish? entry*
must try dessert baked choc pudding..*terliur dah ni..yummylicious!*

mazzura said...

adus..sedapnya makanan2 tu..pose ni..dugaan..dugaan..

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