19 August, 2008

Calling all the chocolate lovers (dessert and main dish also)

Lately my fiance and me enjoying the dessert and foods *is it we’re too happy? Or its because we are craving for sweet things?* hoho I have to admit that all the foods that we tried contribute to the fats *grrrr*….for all muslim frens, you still have time to try the food posted here before we start our fasting month 1 September
We have tried chocolate lounge on 10.08.08, before the mummy show started. Choc lounge just open another outlet at pavilion and the one that we visited is in one utama…a lot of people anjoying the dessert makes us to try it…
From the menu, they offer varieties of choc based foods and drinks. Choc affairs which is choc fondue with 4 seasonal fruit reminds me to Siti Nurhaliza & Datuk K *kecoh se-Malaysia strawberi celup choc*. You can check from this website for the list of menus and also pics of the foods and drinks

*choc affairs*

We have tried Princess of Iceland and Queen Rock N Roll (RM 10.90 each). The glass well decorated and it taste good *yummylicious* we also have choc chip muffin *the taste not sooo good…even I think Gardenia muffin is much more better*

Besides last month we have tried 1920 *one utama again..the parking is cheap ma..and we have one card..wink2* we have tried ice blended..its smoohties with jelly on the top ....each price at RM 5…you can choose either dragon fruit, mango, passion fuit, strwaberry or kiwi. I have choose dragon fruit *yummylicious* and my dear tried strawberry * a lil bit masam..uhuks..but untk hari yg panas dan dahaga it still good* we also ordered cake *look likes kek lapis plus coklat cair*

Last but not least after 2 weeks craving for Tom Yam Kung at KL Sentral *hari2 lalu buat gwe xtahan*, I manage to taste it recently…not sure when the thailand fair will end…but till yesterday I still can saw few peoples que to get Tom Yam Kung
The taste soo good *yummylicious* altough rasanya pedas+panas it still taste good…taste the rempah *its s lil bit different from normal tom yam* On top of that we have ABC to cover all the pedas+panas tomyam…and finish it by sticky rice with mangoes *the mangoes taste good, but kuahnya sedikit masin….but still manage to finish it* tomyam and sticky rice cost RM 5 each….

Opss not to forget, we bought kuih tepung pelita at worongkita *2 for RM 1.50..sungguh mahal tapi tahap teringin mengatasinya* the taste is so-so only..i still can wait for tepung pelita at bazar ramadhan, seksyen 18 shah alam *hopefully abang jual kuih itu ada lagi, since dah lama sangat tak ke sana*

After tom yam kung, we are a bit loss on the highway..but the good thing both of us went to Masjid Wilayah, Jalan Duta *first time for both of us..masjid ni cantik sangat*….and guess what? there is a couple that have their solemnisation (akad nikah) there…I think this was the 4th couple we met by coincidence…1st at eye on malaysia, 2nd masjid negara, taman tasik and 3rd in one utama…both of us really hope that it will be good sign for us :)

Food review finish here and to be continued later…I will have interview this week *dunno why last time interview with co started with E, and this time also E…but hopefully I will manage this time and get the job* Suddenly I’m so scared because the position is for Accountant *nowadays I’m only so-called-accountant (by referring to ACCA) but my position currently only accounts associate..hmmmm*


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