13 August, 2008

Are u stylish?

I owe explanation for 080808 entry..so for birthday encik-tunang-saya, I have choose The Apartment, The Curve. Although I found a few peoples that have tried there and gave negative responses for food, service, I still believe that its not fair..*hoho besides both of us not fussy about food…and dear very much likely IKEA concept, I believe I have choose the right place*

The concept of the apartment is much likely home deco *mini IKEA kot* and I read they serve food most likely Jamie Oliver’s cooking style *simple cooking*

Overall the ambiance is good…at first, I thought to reserved sofa-bed, but since I think it will be nice for birthday guy to decide where we will be seated *we managed to seat at cozy area which is in between 1st and 2nd floor…the not so nice view because the couple besides us having “daring” pose….yuks*

The serve fast *actually we ordered the same food as the “daring” couple, but they have done mistake by sending it to us…hmm of course the “daring” couple most likely to shout at the waiter..but at the end they did’nt even touched the pasta..only because the guy didn’t eat mushroom..aiyoh maybe he didn’t read it carefully before order the food*

For the main course *chicken in the bag (rm 21.90) and chicken mushroom pasta (rm 23.90)* is ok, but for fussy person may consider as bad *it’s a bit pricey if compare the amount of foods*.
I have to give thumbs up for the yummylicious baked choc pudding (rm12.90) *serve together with ice cream ..and both of us imagine if the ice cream is coconut ice cream from thai expres…muahhh*

We enjoy lazying in the sofa while eating the food…

A day before it, I manage to join small gathering with dila *mummy..ke nak hot mama?* , shara *ms soleh* and nani *ms photog* at manhattan…
We have crispy whitebait (rm9.90), fried mushroom (rm9.90) and standard platter for two (rm46.90)…yummy2…*all the food is makes me getting afraid of my weight..need to do serious diet+exercise plan*

Last not least, the last photo taken on the netball day (26/7) ..grrr at least I’m sweating *guess what, last time I played netball was standard 6..tu pun masa waktu PJ..and this time I played as GD..gwe kena belasah sbb GA yg dijaga sumernya lincah2…but or team nih mmg bidan-terjun dan suka-suka masuk*
We managed to get 3rd place *hip hip hooorayyyy.....out of 3 teams..hahaha..misleading word..you see* our supporter are anak2 comel..including fafau niece

Back to the main topic, I saw E! channel for 25 essentials *mean that hollywood stars must have this..to become stylo* check this..erm I think it is in the correct sequence:-
  1. LBD *I got one, guna masa dinner..but of course LBD muslim version*
  2. designer jeans *hoho xde jeans saya hanyalah cop vj*
  3. sunglasses *ada satu cop elle...cost about 100+ kot*
  4. spanx *haha tau tak nih?..sila google sdiri*
  5. trench coat *dun have…*
  6. t-shirt * a lot…ada yg still xpakai*
  7. ballet flats * I love flat sandals…sbb senang nk berlari…hoho ada satu white flats..maybe can consider as ballet flats*
  8. push-up bra *hoho..not to discuss*
  9. sexy lingerie *also not to discuss*
  10. bling *xde kot…except that muka berseri2…perasan sdiri*
  11. white shirt * I just love white shirt..senang nk matching…thinking to look for one good shirt since yg dlm almari tuh mcm dh xmuat..I know I have to lose weight ..*
  12. tattoo *of course haram*
  13. babies *only after married to encik-tunang-saya..how many? Itu rezeki dr Allah*
  14. ipod *got only mp3 last time but nowadays dh xsumbat pe2 kat telinga*
  15. designer bags *my bag yg canggih sket pun marie claire and carlo rino…but one of the tukang-komen is marie claire editor..so consider my bag as good what!*
  16. pearls *satu gelang mutiara yg diberi housemate*
  17. sexy strappy sandals *xde strappy sbb payah nk pakai*
  18. tuxedo *hoho ni m’sia and sy bukan artis so no need tux*
  19. car *dun have..not even mini car*
  20. mini animal *dun have..but balik kg ada 5 ekor kucing yg comel*
  21. bikini *hehe..xde la..bkn nk pi lepak tepi swimming pool/ beaches*
  22. mini skirt *haha masa kanak2 dulu pakaila skirt …*
  23. hp *of corse hollywoodnyer ada bling2..mine setia pada nokia*
  24. designer watch *sy ada elle and swatch*
  25. sneakers * got one bum sneakers..hoho bila pakai rasa muda…pergi ofis (Friday casual ) rasa mcm kanak2 ribena pegi sekolah…*

so what do you have?..mine? like I have comment above…I’m in style with my style…not to follow others since to have the "designer thing" will cost a lot...rabak poket...although i'm debt-free..hutang MARA dah abes *thanks MARA sbb my degree is convertible loan, while for my ACCA i hav to pay certain percentage oni* ..and not buying any capital yet *soon..but my brother pernah kata "Along ada harta pe..tu hp, digital camera" YA Betul..dan a lot of harta yg kita tak nmpk lg..*

Besides my earning is only sekian amaun aje…no such biar papa, asal bergaya..but my concept biar nmpk mahal asalkan kosnya murah *wink2*

Oh b4 terlupa, i've watched The Mummy 3 *as alwiz, i never seen any sequal before...tgk pirates dulu pun xtgk yg awal part 1 and 2* and Sepi...thumbs up...


Mrs. Amie said...

chicken in the bag and choc baked pudding was my fav and the main reason why i continue choose apartment for lepaks! sedapnya... i like!

~ms tepung~ said...

huhu nasib sy xberapa baik..chicken in the bag tak bnyk sgt potatoes *sbb gambar yg buat sy terliur nk try ada bnyk sgt potatoes* but i reallllly like yummylicious baked choc pudding

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