20 August, 2008

Just 3 days adding nuffnang..and this is what I can understand…

I'm still new with this, hope I can share what I know and maybe in return I can get other info from others:-

Nuffnang.com is Asia’s first and leading blog advertising community.
Nuffnang uses a tracking system that provides Nuffnang community members with details about their blog readers, such as number of unique visits.
Nuffnang was launched in February 2007 by Timothy Tiah Ewe Tiam and Cheo Ming Shen. The idea for a regional blogger community was started when Timothy Tiah's first blog, LengMou, found success from what started as a small blog between two friends.

The Nuffnang Glitterati is a club exclusive Nuffnang bloggers are automaticallr elibagle for.
To apply for the Nuffnang Glitterati club?
Not need to apply and will automatically be included as a Nuffnang Glitterati as long as you do NOT have any ads from any other ad network that originates from South East Asia. NN crawlers will automatically include your blog in the club within 48 hours.
Note that if an ad from another ad network is placed on your blog at any time, NN crawlers will pick it up within 48 hours and you will automatically be removed from the program.

Earning *haha maybe this is the most important thing...*:-
  • As soon have earned RM 50, you will be given an option on your earnings page to cash out!
  • A transaction fee of RM 1 will be applied to any cashout payments.
  • Please also allow about 30 days from the end of the month for your payment to be processed and sent

Innit is a tool developed and hosted by Nuffnang to add the additional service of driving traffic to any Nuffnang blog. This tool will now only be restricted to Nuffnang Glitterati since it is within our best interest of our community not to indirectly drive any traffic to a future competing network.

Nang it (in innit) – I think this refers to If you like the post, you nang it *like our kindergarten time and maybe art class (primary school), where the teacher will put mark star or double or even more…but if you don’t like I think its better not to dang it..just leave it there* hmm..I still wonder the benefit og nang it..maybe somebody can tell me..thanks

This is what I found from Nuffnang and wikepedia website ..besides I found this website *still not reading it but by looking to the title..so scared…it is like to "dang it" Nuffnang *

Until then...hmm seems that I'm still at kindergarten stage in Nuffnang...

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