25 February, 2009

Labour… Cheap labour

Can u imagine while we spend-koyak rabak poket-calculating every single cents..all the way to the wedding day, there is still something cheap?

It is damn cheap for almost half a day work…if you do not believe, kindly check the person wearing bunga dada…ya inilah upah paling murah dan rasuah yg di tayang2kan…BPR leh tangkap ramai org yg terima rasuah…hihihi

Sometimes, I wonder, why must put RM1? , is there any specific symbolic? Not sure…but usually the corsage for all the people that help during the kenduri will end up with RM1 or the most RM5….

Among all the DIY things that I have done, bunga dada yg paling xtau nk buat pe *adakah sy dh terlalu bnyk buat DIY until xde idea….then mcm gini xleh la nk wt biz kawen2..hihi*

So how it will look alike after day by day brain storming…? Sorry guys, I really want to show, but I just realized that I do not snap it – so I owe a lot of stories and pics…

For bride to be yg stress..take ur time to read and smile : )

This book is compilation from the Pesona Pengantin mag..since the very first entry but not up to date, but I believe there will be no 3, 4, and onwards for the compilation…my late mother introduce it..and to be frank bila curi2 baca kat kedai magazine, this column will be the 1st & must read – xkisahle ada gambar2 berkaitan kahwin yg superb dlm mag tu!


nurul aziyana said...

xckup duit nk kawen??jom kite join jana pendapatan...mudah selamat dan yg penting halal..visit http://www.janamodal.com/rm2018.htm

~ms tepung~ said...

aiyava..wah2 tumpang prmo gak ek..sila2

kita Insya Allah cukup....ape yg penting kerjasama...

Dayu said...

corsage?? a;ah kan nape kena bagi rm1/5 erk??
yang ni i rembat yg murah2 je kat ayer hitam..
tak decide lagi nak letak bape rm..
letak rm1 mcm skit sgt
sedangkan derang yg bertungkus lumus tolong kan...
tgk la nanti cmne

bahan bacaan?? huhu, tiada masa mahu membaca lah

~ms tepung~ said...

dayu ...dayu cuma baca blog je ..hihi betul tak?

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