01 February, 2009

I always wanted to write....

I always wanted to write....that saya-rindu-arwah emak saya

It will be a a year without her when I'm already a month married

Preparing for all the wedding things always make mata-saya-berkaca2...I'm not good in writing on this....My late mother love to do DIY....she's learning from magazines *aha no interenet2 la...*

I always going to Jalan TAR alone...but encik tunang will fetched me once I'm done *ok, he will follows me esp weekend..but on working day only fetched me*

I'm always bumped into bride-to-be together with parents...even I still remembered that one day I heard a father calling his daughter to come to Sin Yin as something caught his eyes...hmmm

From bloghopping, reading communication brides with their mums...some having not agree with mother's choice, or how their mother give some financial support...etc

Whatever it is, for bride-to-be that still have their mother...hargai dia semasa dia masih ada di sisi anda...I know sometimes anak dan emak tidak mempunyai satu persetujuan yg sama*diff taste, etc* ...mgkn emaknya mahukan anak berbaju songket, sdgkan hati anak meronta2 inginkan lace...as result maybe si anak tidak berpuas hati dgn pilihan emaknya...maybe the best have win2 situation..lace for nikah/khatam, and songket for sanding...*after all bukan nak pakai seharian suntuk pun kan...?...or maybe not agree for theme colour - nowadays baju pengantin bukan 1 colour pun , even combine 2 colour, black&white, pink&green, pink&blue, pink& purple and so on...*haha pandai2 saja saya menulis*

After all, I still have my father, encik tunang, M, guru_muda that helping me thru all the preparations...:)

Besides, I also have somechit chat with office mates, how her wife in confinement react with mother and mother in law...something like this "Dgn emak sdiri bolehla manja2 sket tak pun xde lah segan nak itu ini, nak mintak tolong, but since dia dh sihat sket dan hnya skrg baru duduk dgn emak aku (in law for the wife la) so dia leh je wt sdiri"

Huhu to be frank this alwiz slip my mind..what should I do? as I'm pretty sure that my mother in law will takes care me on confinement *Insya Allah* I believe at early stage, that I'm not strong enough to do the things, how to ask mother in law?...huwah...


hidden.wing said...

sorry about your mother & whatever you've to go through without her, especially when it comes to wedding prep.
let's pray that everything will be ok :)

btw, i love this entry. reminds me to appreciate our loved ones while they're still with us - which sometimes i fail to do or show..

xeea said...

sorry for u.
always remember that she's is a better place now.

teringat pulak masa nak kawen dulu. mak beriye2 nak adakan majlis berinani dan khatam. kalau ikutkan hati, mmg letih. tapi demi hajat ibu, ku turutkan jua.

cinta_north2south said...


we're in the same boat. I lost my mum 5 years back. It was such a difficult year for all of us coz she died during ramadhan. It was on ramadhan the fourth!

When comes to my wedding preparation...yeah...I have to do head to toe on my own. My fiance is staying and working in Penang. Myself working and staying in KL. My other siblings...they are located thousand miles away..

I'm lying if i were to say I feel nothing if i see brides to be do the shopping with their mother or fiance..while i have to do that all by myself...but i take it as a good point to be strong...

On the confinement thingy...i haven't thought about it yet as it is a long way to go...

I hope...you will be fine and thanked to peoples around you who are always support and help you.

~ms tepung~ said...

hidden.wing, xeea, cinta_north2south....thanks 4 all the concerns..really hope that my big day smooth sailing...

Hanis Razak said...

hi..syok jugak baca blog ni..nak link boleh? kite pu bride-2-be jugak..ape awak tulis psl emak tu, tibe2 saya jadi insaf..isk3..

~ms tepung~ said...

hanis razak...boleh je nk link

hmm..yes bride to be yg still ada emak, jgn gaduh2 ngan dia...bawa bincang2..maybe dulu2 mak xdpt laksanakan wktu dia kawen dl

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