09 February, 2009

General procedure..borang nikah

I think that last time I have made a promise to write about procedure..yup wedding procedure and this is esp for Johorean bride to be *diff state will have almost similar but maybe less as Johor have interview*

Not sure to start where, but I will try to list whatever I know. Here I believe in most sequence…

First : Kursus kahwin

Second : Husband-to-be must already got the approval form to get married *but if both Johorean they can submit the form together kot like Mawi-Ikin*

Third : Once get the groom docs, bride can start to submit the forms *of course la dh siap HIV, form pun sume dh tulis & signed by bride, wali, 2 saksi, imam jurunikah..make sure photocopied the IC - bride, wali, 2 saksi..plus in Johor it u r the eldest –anak perempuan dan pertama, should bring sijil nikah parent - original and photocopied

Forth : After, pejabat agama checked all the documents, bride will be given an interview form *pls take note ni Johor nyer style - kang confius plak bride negeri2 lain plak..*

Fifth : Answer all the interviews questions...it covers mengucap, fatihah, doa qunut, munakahat, toharah, tanggungjawab suami isteri. Pls take note, the interview is on the same day as u submit the form

Sixth : Waiting for the process....depends on the speed..

Seventh : Finally will have borang kebenaran and borang nikah which later need to pass to imam jurunikah

To be continued…..

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