24 September, 2008

A 2 Z...1,2,3...

This is entry is dedicated to those who have linked my blog in their blog *I do not know them personally but this is some kind of virtual friends*

Thank you very much ....:)

As token of appreciation, I will link them indirectly *since afraid if I'm putting directly it might be affected when it comes to layout construction..hoho I might want to change the layout from time to time*

Here the list..*not in any type of sequel...*

Si Reben Merah - http://whatshewannatalk.blogspot/
Daniya Alesha's mummy - http://diamilikku.blogspot.com/

newly wed
Ima - http://imady.blogspot/
Maria - http://w0rld0fmin3.blogspot.com/

bride to be
Aisya - http://nuraisya83.wordpress.com/
Dayu - http://dayuyuna.blogspot.com/
Ashylla - http://whitelacetale.blogspot.com/
Amy- Wan - http://ameliaabiden.blogspot.com/ & http://28may2009.blogspot.com/
Nurul Aziyana - http://nurulaziyana.blogspot.com/
Lady_Daisy http://rezain.blogspot.com/

Actually I'm not sure whether after my wedding they will link to me??? since of course after my big day sure I will write life after marriage..any ideas? or shall I wait till the time comes....

Tailor Medan MARA - http://uminaz-collections.blogspot.com/
dora the scribbler - http://oneblackspot.blogspot.com/
All about wedding - http://isubumperkahwin.blogspot.com/

I will update the list here from time to time as and when anyone link to me- * sorry kalau lambat since ni keje part time..*pst this is the good thing about Nuffnang, it help me to detect if somebody link my blog*

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