24 September, 2008


Currently I'm doing some kind of IT work to revamp my blog layout *maybe not marvellous but somehow I think it will be more personal touch...*

Hence I decided to have this entry to list all my uni frens blog:-

Zue - http://zuesarin.blogspot.com
Nisak - http://theperfectlittlehideouts.blogspot.com
Chik - http://azinsur.blog.friendster.com/
Ayu - http://seriayumasuri.blog.friendster.com
Pae - http://paecute.blog.friendster.com
Naz - http://entahler.blog.friendster.com
Zety - http://bungacintamama.blogspot.com

Urm not sure if I left anybody..but I don't think that my batch is into blog..

Please be patient for my new layout ya!

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