11 September, 2008

Malaysian Next Top Model *hmmm...betul ke?*

Do you want to become Malaysian Next Top Model (MNTM) without doing any catwalk? *angkat tangan, kaki ya semua* I will simply guide you to achieve your dreams... *if you dun believe me I don’t care..because you’ll miss the good opportunities*


Lets start here:-
1. Search for the most beautiful / macho pictures…if you don’t have one you just simply smile and capture it from your hp or camera
2. You must have internet access in order to achieve your dream *the powerful thing*
3. Simply follow the instruction from the web *will be reveal the powerful thing..just be patient OK?*
4. Wait for few seconds *depend on the internet speed..OK?*
5. Smile. You can view the end product
*here we come MNTM in Vogue*
**not enuff money to make proposal billboard ..
or next candidate for Pekan XYZ?
here you can do it..*
*ya ya....become cover again*
The secret to be revealed *i'm not getting any commission..but sharing is caring*
Jeng jeng jeng -->
2. http://www.magmypic.com/ *you can use it in friendster, facebook, myspace...ola~~*


Mrs. Amie said...

eee...cam gedix comel jer kan? nak try la..hihihi

~ms tepung~ said...

amie : hehe gedix comel...hehe mmg tu la tujuannya kan2...
sila2 la try..nnt tayangkan hasil kerja MNTM itu..

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