23 September, 2008

Tepung pelita and iftar at kedai dobi

I have to admit that lately that i am addicted to blogging *no harm, but it really difficult since I don’t have a lot of time, besides that to update of coz la kena taip...and the main problem i'm still a lil bit not familiar with MAC...kepunyaan encik-tunang...gwe taip kat word lps tu pandai2la adjust*

Owh, its very difficult since all the while I'm using normal computer..still trying to adjusting with all the shortcut *almost the same but still have to familiar with the click...esp click to the left*

Okey..back to the main topic...I know people will confused all the while I'm using tepung pelita as url..but still not much story telling or at least recipe for it...I have no tepung pelita recipe, "resepi tepung pelita yg best" or any recipe to be try n error since i really don't have *maybe one fine day i will share it..only after i'm trying it..rumah sewa skrg kurang sesuai jadik tempat masak2..*

Even somebody asking whether I am Kelantanese..ok saya bukan org Kelantan tapi org Malaysia..org Kedah pun leh makan tempe yg sinonim ngan Jawa..so not a big deal kan guna url tepung pelita…kwang3

*so colourful..but i did'nt buy it since reserve my stomatch for tepung pelita*

*this is my favourite tepung pelita..encik-tunang maybe next time amek contact no..kot2 wife anda mengidam..hehehe*

But I will share where I can get my favorite tepung pelita..I really like tepung pelita at Section 18, Shah Alam..Its just nice, tak terlalu lembik, sweet, and I just like it...at first I thought that I will not able to taste it since Section 18 has changed a lot...ada Ole-Ole, and Mydin *I'm staying somewhere around that during degree...and to have secret recipe cake, have to go to Sunway, KL...pheww naseb baik dolu2 xde kalau tak gwe sudah membesar xtau berapa kali ganda kot*

Guess how many I bought yummylicious tepung pelita?...Hmm..100/5+10-(5X4)= ?....*tak cukup calculator guna jari2 tangan dan kaki..:)*

And last sunday is most likely to be the last time for me buka puasa with encik-tunang *Insya Allah taun dpn sy yg masak untuk berbuka...takpun sama2 main masak2 kat dapur...ok tak?*

We have our iftar at kedai dobi pure clean laundry , bandar sri damansara *the signbord stating as kedai dobi, but the fact it is a cafe* For this ramadhan they have buffet for RM 10 per person *the cheapest buffet in KL but do not expecting that they have super extra vaganza foods and drink*

From the findings, they have a drink *bottomless*, one type of bubur *on that day bubur pulut hitam* and 3 types of malay kuih

They have one long food stations, but i will segregate it into 4..which will be

kurma, ulam2, few types of kerabu, sambal tempoyak, telur masin, bergedil

chicken curry, ayam masak lemak, vegi, daging masak ?? *termasin plak arituh* and few things that i could'n remember
telur goreng, ikan kelapa, kailan, tauhu berlada, even pasta pun ada..but by the time we want to take, the sauce is no longer there..

they also have lontong, mutton rendang, ayam masak merah...

For those like to eat malay foods, you must have a try here...if you're not able to come this few days left in Ramadhan, you still can come here on normal days..as they will likely serve almost the same style of foods..

Map attached here (the cafe is in the same row with CBS Technology..so i use the same map)

Just few days left...so selamat beribadah di hujung ramadhan *i just saw Nurul Izzah, when my housemates and me berterawih at Masjid ....should i disclose which mosque? or just find by yourself*


Mrs. Amie said...

mm..semalam pun i berbuka kat sri damansara..if tahu, boleh pegi sini kan? how's the food?

~ms tepung~ said...

amie pegi mana kat sri damansara tu?
hmm xpe lain2 kali still leh pi kadai makan (dobi) tu...
foods kat situ mmg best esp untk yg suka ulam2, kerabu2..pastu foods dia mmg sedap (even my team member yg pernah makan sekali pun suke gile..tu tapau kes..blom pi kedai tu sdiri)

-s-o-f-t--i-e ~eross~ said...

kuat makan betul hse mate ku ini....sana sini dia makan..lenkali ajak kita org sama..hahaha..malam ni ajak jane p terawikh kat situ lagi....kot2 jumpa lagik...bole amik gambar dia ber telekung...

Zety Zin said...

ya betul
tepung pelita sek 18 laa yang paling sedap dalam dunia
sampai sekarang tak jumpa lagi tepung pelita yang se-best tepung pelita sek 18
nyum nyum

~ms tepung~ said...

-s-o-f-t-i-e...haha..alamak kuat makan ke?..lenkali nk ajak tu bisa diatur Insya Allah

zety...ingatkan aku sorg je yg beriya2 kata tepung pelita sec 18 tu sedap..rupanya ada gak yg sokong..

Al said...

makanan melayu yg terkenal


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