04 September, 2008

Never ending hunting for Thai food..food, food and food again

Ya I know its fasting month *huhu x bagus tayang2 gambar makanan* but if I don’t post it will be there stuck in external hard disk *grr..for those fasting and looking to the pics and this will makes you hungry ..I’m really sorry..*

After few visit and eat thai foods *ermm trying to recall..ya from Thai Express, Thai fair at KL Sentral..still not enuff for us..haha* so we landed to Rak Thai, Midvalley. It is located nearby Big Apple Donut

*hmm..i need to try.....*

* this is called as gogreenday.com*

*ABM? ais-batu-mangga?*

Secara kebetulan, on that day the foods we ordered have a very matching pair…I’ve manggo chicken chop (RM 14.90) and Ais Batu Mangga (RM 6.90) *my theme will go as manggo day* while si-dia having green curry chicken (RM 10.90) and cucumber-mint juice (RM 6.90) * he got gogreenday.com…must put dot com for IT people:)*

Although I ate ciken chop, but I really like green curry chicken *oooo..never thought it will be delicious..yummylicious..so maybe I need to learn and cook it esp after become mrs kot..or anybody got the recipe can pass it to me*

Besides I’ve tried O’Briens that newly open somewhere nearby my office..tripledecker toasties (RM 16.50) and mango juice (RM6)…somehow it really makes my stomach really full!

Hoho adakah saya terlampau jika saya tulis lagi pasal makanan? Don’t be angry because this is fasting month…for best ciken wings I really like to eat at this place in Bandar Bukit Puchong *I cannot remember the place name but something like Helmi Tomyam*
Ops, I did it again..i still cannot stop write about food…*I promised this will be the last for this entry* This time for Pucuk Paku, TTDI…we love this place and also the food *kantoi…seems that people can meet us dating here* We have Nasi Goreng Pucuk Paku Special *eat this if only your stomach is empty..since it’s a lot* and bihun goreng tomyam *or it should be dried tomyam bihun*
Last but not least congratulation to Shima & Shamseer..

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