19 September, 2008

How to spend RM40 for buka puasa?

I know this will sound terrible by spending RM 40 per person for iftar (buka puasa) …..but I have to admit this is what has happened to me for last few days ago *disclaimer : this is not to show off or anything..its just food review ok? Futhermore on working day I’m having very simple food for iftar..only rice, fish/ciken and vegi..and no to kuih2, bubur, murtabak, roti jala, etc..very plain food*

Back to the main topic..you can spend RM 40 either for buffet or ala carte food:-

Buffet – Ramadhan Buffet at Pick N’ Brew, One Utama
Price for Ramdhan Buffet RM38++ for adult and RM18++ for kid

The concept here is no MSG *I have some chit chat with the waitress here (they are kind and very helpful)..and they mention their chef will try their best to cook the foods and they will serve different type of food everyday..even for ala carte food they do not use any MSG..sounds healthy rite?*

The ambiance really nice..They have 3 foods station…free flow for drinks *we have nice the tarik and soya cincau that day, the waiter/tress will help for the drinks*

Station 1 : Soto, ikan bakar, sotong bakar, vegetable fritters, roti jala, nasi ulam *really good..I really like it*, tauhu sumbat, gado-gado, keropok and few things that I can’t remember
Station 2: Fruits, salads, malay kuih, cookies, cakes, dates..even choc fondue for the fruits
Station 3 : Tomato rice, curry chicken, cheesy fish, lamb chop *the gravy really nice*, vegetable, etc Overall was really good..I really like almost everything *hmm even taste almost everything…but I’m not posting all the picture here* You can book (03-7726 0102) for a group and they will adjust for seating

Ala Carte – Basil, Bangsar Village

Team buka puasa was held here..4 of us really enjoy the foods..the food look nice and taste great *beware of the fire burning in your mouth*

We have steamed siakap with chilies+lime, kerabu mangga, kailan, tomyam campur and ayam *huhu lupa plak..ayam gulung ke ayam pandan...let's pics do the talking part*

Delicious.....but spicy....hot+burning+spicy+fire burning= delicious *tak cukup...sambal belacan pun ada*
And heroin for the day will be water chesnut with coconut milk...*magic betul..since rasa pedas tu hilang 150%..and yg kuning2 tu cebisan2 nangka*


Mrs. Amie said...

baru nak cadang nak buka sini.. sedap x? dorang ckp xsedap.. tp tgk nie mcm sedap jek.. yummy...(nafsu betol!)

~ms tepung~ said...

amie nk gi pick n brew or basil?
basil mmg best..
pick n brew best jugak..try google la...rasanya most of blog yg kita tgk kata worth for the value of money...and i agree :)
klu dh try give ur comment plak..since they serve diff foods avery day

knowly de moning glory..wakaka said...

wah sedapnyer....have tried both earlier, but when u described it here, it sounds yummy!! it is, indeed....the basil, paling best to me is the ayam tiga segi tue...eshhh, aper ke namanyer..aha...ciken pandan....ehehe

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