24 September, 2008

15 facts that you might want to know about tepungpelita.blogspot

1. 1st entry?

2 Why blogging?
It start from zaman gelap, to be specific after break off...maybe I need some space to write/shouting all the feelings..so I started blogging from other platform then 2008 started to move to blogspot..the old blog is still there and I am still transferring the sweet memories from old blog to this blog...for the rest I will left it as it is Kerja yg saja2 dicarik!

3 Why tepungpelita?
I am not Kelantanese, but I just love tepung pelita...I'm trying to have different url from old blog..and decided to choose this name as url

4 Why ~ms tepung~?
Trying to be different from other *suke hati saya la kan?* Besides considering myself fair.. *sesi perasan putih macam tepung..kwang3*

5 Why move to blogspot?
Because it is user friendly..and I can have my experiments here.. *ok no animal was tested during my experiments ;p*

6 Who am I?
Homo sapiens...for the rest sila la selalu baca blog saya ;)

7 Language?
Started with most of the entries in Malay, and later I have decided to be seriously write in English *with a little bit of Malay* I have to write in English since I really think that I need to brush up my English *although I believe most of my writing here in English, have so many grammar mistakes..pls accept my apology*

My previous working experience require myself to write and communicate most of the time in English..besides last time I have Chinese team members..so most of the time we speak in English

However my current job *soon will become previous experience also in early Dec 2008*, I don't have much opportunity to speak and write in English aggressively...wording for email is just simple like kindly approve, FYI, FYA, kindly assist...also, most of the time communicate in Malay
After that, I decided to write in English considering that it will be a great platform to add up and brush up English yg dah berkarat itu....

8 Layout
Yes a lot of option out there...I started using template that provided by blogspot, move to star template...and move to this fresh, new look of template *perasan erk* after so many times of troubleshoot and selection process. It is hard for me to pick up and use any template..*not because I'm fussy but most of the template is too stylish to me..to many things *Its not mean that other layout are ugly, but it just not my taste* So, I decided to have some touch of my skill that I have plus with freebies and some template through surfing the net...

9 IT
The good thing of having blog, I have learned few scripts…which to change here and there *of course kawasan-jajahan ialah tepungpelita.blogspot.com*

Besides, I have learned to add few widgets and also Nuffnang *hopefully one fine day I will have my cheques from my writing here...please support me by keep on reading my blog*

10 What do you write?
Anything except politics, sex....so don't be surprise if in future I will write about recipes, family, how to decorate living hall...it can be anything...however to be specific I might not write every single thing about myself and the loves one...*certain things are for ourselves*

11 Frequency of writing
Depends on the mood and time...but I will try to post at least once a week

12 Shout box (the interactive area-Have your say)
I will reply as and when *preferably after few items* ...I will welcome anyone to have your say ...but I will encourage to have your link...but for those that I know *frens...esp from school, university, ex colleague, colleague..pls write your nickname there...*Anyone can post there *although you do not have blogspot account*

13 Comment for each posting
Currently I do not put any limit...so for anonymous *if you are my frens esp do not have blogspot account..pls put your nickname like done here* Also I will reply to the comment (s) as and when *preferably after few comments*

14 Idol (bloggers)
No specific blog as my idol..but I do read and leave comment(s) here and there

15 Hope?
Sharing is caring ;) ...for those do not interested, you can click x and leave my blog...for those think my blog is interesting, you are most welcome to link to me…

Thank you for your time

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cinta.utara.selatan said...

I support the effort you taken up to brush up your english. Blogging is the good start! :)

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